Saturday, June 20, 2009

June 20, 2009

First, some updated close ups of the boys. Haven't they changed? They are both little brownies from spending so much time outside.Here is Nick, helping to put away the silverware.
And then, working a puzzle. He normally wakes up before Ben, hence the P.J.'s pics.

Here is a picture of both of our cats looking out of the window at a little rabbit. You can see the rabbit too, although you may have to click on the picture to enlarge it.
We finally painted our paper mache art work.
Here is Ben on the top of the jungle gym, getting ready to jump down and Nick is getting ready to climb up.
Ben is dropping to the ground.
Now Nick is dropping to the ground.
Ben climbing up the outside and Nick climbing the inside.
A photo op break.
They were in a silly mood.
Climbing up together.
Ben is trying to learn how Nick flips over backward as he jumps down.
Here he goes. He was too fast and I didn't catch the landing.
Both boys hanging from the inside.
And trying to climb up to flip over.
Nick hanging. Ben already landed on the ground.
Ben climbing up to do a flip.
Heals over head and away we go. They are too fast for me. I didn't catch the next step.
Putting the ball into the spray thingy.
It is really neat to see how the ball stays on the water so long.
Still going up. It stays there for the longest time.
Boys in pool doing lots of pouring.
Photo op break.
I think Ben was pretending to eat something.
This is what the pool looked like today.

Playing baseball with dad. Nick hit the ball.
And Ben hit the ball.Here is the follow through.
Dad had just finished some yard work. We have a lefty and a righty.
Hope you enjoyed picture Saturday! Happy Father's Day!


Karen said...

WOW! What cutie pies! I am glad you decided to brave your old computer:). The sun is finally out here - hurray! My son had swim practice at seven, but I let my daughter off the hook since she has a full day of school and gymnastics this afternoon. I'll save the torture for tomorrow:). The pool is freezing since the weather has been so cold.

I'm glad it's them and not me:).

Have a super gr8 day!

musicmommy3 said...

Loved the pics Lea! They are really growing!!! B looks especially different. :)