Thursday, June 18, 2009

June 18, 2009

Today we hung out at home all day. I love days like that, especially after we have had a few days running around. I worked on planting a crepe myrtle (flowering bush) in a tough spot, while the boys played, riding their bikes and scooters on the drive way, pulling each other in their wagon and riding their little cars...oh, and also sweeping. It was still relatively cool outside and they were having fun.
Anyway, I was just finishing up when our friends showed up to play. We had planned a play date but they had canceled because my friend, who is pregnant, was not feeling up to par. They ended up deciding to come over after all and couldn't reach us so they drove over to see if we were outside. (They only live one mile away.) We were outside and happy to have company. I was covered in dirt, mud and sweat however, we are the kind of friends that such things just don't matter:). My friend and I enjoyed visiting and the kids all had a great time playing.

After they left, it was time for lunch and naps and then more playtime outside and dinner.  Otherwise, not much new going on around here. The boys are still fun and sweet (most of the time) and busy and funny. The dad/husband is still the most patient person I have ever met, kind, very slow to anger and the best dad/husband ever and we are looking forward to celebrating him this weekend.

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