Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March 18,2009

It is so beautiful here now. The trees are flowering and the flowers are flowering and everything is blooming all over the place. I really love spring. It seems to give me so much energy.

This morning I had to go in for a fasting blood draw. I hate having my blood drawn but today was surprisingly easy. I have very small veins and, when they finally find one they think they can use, it often moves away as they are trying to stick it. So it is normally not a very pleasant experience. Today the lady got it on the very first try. She put some kind of heated pad on my arm first and then she used one of the very tiny needles. Seems it was the perfect combination.

When we got home, we ate lunch and then we all went outside and played on the driveway. The boys rode their various riding toys and I rode one of the scooters. I was quite comfortable in shorts and a T-shirt. The boys had on T-shirts and jeans but Ben had on a zip-up sweat shirt over his T-shirt. He is having an issue with the short sleeves. He finally got so hot that I talked him into taking it off but only because I did it very quickly and distracted him right away. He is so funny about it and he is totally not into wearing shorts because he doesn't want his knees to "stick out".

Now it is nap time. I am having second thoughts about naps because I want the boys to have more time to play outside. But then I really don't want to change anything else while we are trying to finalize the potty training, so I will readdress this later.

The potty training is going well. Ben has not had any accidents. I knew he wouldn't if he didn't want to. He has great control but when he sees Nick getting away with wearing a pull up and not having to stop playing to run to the bathroom then he wants to do that too. Nick had several accidents the first two days, although I would say he probably had fewer yesterday than the day before and even less today. So far he has only had one accident today, which is great, although I had them both go before we left the house and then again before we left the clinic to come back home. He should have gone again before going outside to play and I didn't think about it and he is not as inclined to think of it himself like Ben is.

There have been several times that Nick asked for his pull up back, cried for it and even through a fit. He is not very into this having to stop playing to make time to go potty. Hopefully he will have a change of heart soon.

In retrospect, I think a lot of our trouble has been due to the fact that Ben was more ready to be trained and Nick was not quite there so training them together has made the situation more difficult but there really was no good way to train them separately. Regardless, I'm sure we will get there eventually.

We hit another milestone yesterday, albeit very belatedly. I finally found small back packs for the boys and transferred stuff from the big diaper bag to their small bags. They are so excited to get to carry their own back packs. It is cute. It is also nice for me not to have to carry the big one. It was mostly used for snacks, water and various small items that could entertain a small child during times of waiting and the two pull ups, some wipes and sometimes a change of clothes. Now they each have a change of pants, some wipes in a small baggy and their small entertainment items, plus snacks and water sometimes. I think this is going to work out very nicely.

In other news, we are heading to Kansas City soon to visit our friends there and I am sooo excited and ready to get away. We all need it and we have not seen them for a while so it will be a very refreshing time for us. I'm not sure what to do about our cats though, as my friend who used to care for them has moved away. We won't be gone very long so I may just leave out lots of everything for them and they will likely be fine.

I know I need to take more pics of the boys and post them and I will make an effort. It is more challenging and less fun than it used to be when they were little. Back then they would get used to me holding the camera. They would eventually not notice me as I took their pics and I could get some really good candid shots. Now days, as soon as they see or hear me with the camera, they immediately quit what they are doing and they make fake faces and then they want to see their pics right away on the back of the camera. Makes it very hard to get good shots. I see them doing the cutest things and I think I would love to have a picture of that but it is almost impossible to get candid shots anymore. I'll have to work on it.

Their napping now so I will go get a few things done. Have a happy day:).

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