Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March 18, 2009 Part 2

I'm sitting outside, enjoying the beautiful weather we are having. The boys are playing in their sandbox. This is the first time they have really stayed in there and played nicely together for a long period of time this spring, but then again, this is the first time I have sat out here with them, which they like.

Nick informed me he is making cookies (in the sandbox). He has cookies on his mind because we were going to make them before lunch but discovered we did not have one of the ingredients. He was disappointed but we will make them later.

A little time has gone by and I have made a trip into the house to retrieve requested measuring cups and spoons for the sandbox cooks. A little later, they are both loudly singing Happy Birthday. I'm sure they have prepared a beautiful birthday cake for some blessed person.

And now, Ben has poured a large bucket of sand over Nick's head and is having to spend a short stint in time out. He is insisting "I going to be nice now" and I am sure he will, once he can be quiet and "nice" long enough to get out of time out.

Nick is still cooking...or something.

They are so funny and they are such good kids.

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