Thursday, March 26, 2009

March 26, 2009

I have a bad cold and don't feel much like doing anything.....although mom's don't get sick days so the bed is made, the kid's are dressed and fed and the laundry is underway.

My mom, sister and niece came for a visit on Tuesday and spent the night with us. The boys had a great time playing with my sister. She loves to play with them and keeps them very busy. They left yesterday around 2:00ish. It was good timing as they kept the boys busy while I was able to take it easy a bit and nurse my cold.

We are suppose to be going to Kansas City soon. I hope I am over this cold by then.

The boys are climbing on their jungle gym more and more these days. They are really starting to enjoy it now. Right now they are sitting in a chair together looking at books. They have been busy playing with their cars, trucks and parking garage this morning. I can definitely tell they are starting to stick with something longer and longer these days. They are talking up a storm and say so many funny, cute things that I can no longer keep up with them.

We are still on the no pull ups unless they are napping or at night time thing and it is going very well. I'm so glad that I finally did this. Nick has asked to wear a pull up several times and has shown some resistance at times but he is really doing very well with potty training and has had very few accidents. He went three days in a row without any accidents but I think he may have had one accident on the 4th day, in the afternoon. It was a day with no nap so that probably didn't help because he gets very tired. Ben puzzles me because I have seen him go many days in a row without an accident in the past but he has been having more than I expected. They are both at a point where they are dry when they wake up from nap but I still use the pull ups just in case. They are more often than not wet in the mornings still.

Not much other news. This cold is making me very tired as I am not sleeping well at night. I hope to see big improvements by tomorrow.


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kate said...

feel better!