Saturday, March 07, 2009

March 7, 2009

Well, we have been very busy around here lately. The weather has been beautiful and we have been spending a lot of our time outside. On Thursday, a friend of mine had a doctor's appointment so she dropped her two little boys off here for a play date. We spent most of our time outside, first playing in the side yard, playing in the sandbox, kicking balls, and climbing on the jungle gym, and then around back on the driveway, driving cars, trucks, trikes and scooters. Everyone played hard and then we came inside for lunch, just after my friend returned. The boys all had a fun time together. My friend's youngest son is around 19 or 20 months old I think. He is so little compared to the other three (her other son is a couple of months older than Ben) but he thinks he is the same age as the other three and he wants to do everything they do. It is so cute. He is quite a little cutie.

Yesterday the boys and I headed off to the park, first thing in the morning, and we spent all morning there. We met another mom with her baby daughter and two sons who were close in age to Ben and Nick and we all hung out together for the morning. The boys had a very fun time playing together. We went to one play area that is actually for kids who are a bit older, I think from 5 to 9 or something like that. I had taken the boys there last fall and it was too big for them. This time, they just took off and could do everything. One of the boys whom we befriended was almost five years old so he was the leader and Ben and Nick followed him on the big play structure. I was really amazed at how much they could do now compared to just last spring. It is just incredible how quickly they change and grow.

The boys have been playing out on the driveway in the late afternoons, while I am preparing dinner. I can watch them from the kitchen windows, so it works out well (there is no fence in that area). They love to pretend they are going to the post office, Home Depot, the grocery store or any number of places we go to on a regular basis. They also like to get the big brooms out of the garage and sweep the driveway or try to get leaves out from under the big piney bushes. I get a kick out of watching them play. They are at such a cute age.

Interestingly, the boys have not been arguing about things quite as much these last few days. Maybe because we have been busier and have been getting out of the house more and spending more time outside. After praying about it, I reverted back to a tool I had used once before, which was just making the instigator come over and sit near me for a short time. That really has seemed to nip it in the bud quickly, it keeps me from getting frustrated or aggravated and allows me to stay on an even keel while dealing with less than desirable behavior, which is definitely where I want to be:).

The dad is back on hospital duty for two weeks so he had to do rounds this morning. The boys and I were up and early today. We got dressed quickly and went to the McDonald's that has the fun play area. It was a last minute thought but one that had us all full of energy and excited about our day. Unfortunately, the play area does not open until 9:00 and I didn't know that:(. We decided to eat there anyway and just as we were finishing up our breakfast, I noticed that people were going into the play area, even though it was only around 8:35 or so. I asked one of the workers and they said the guy cleaning up must have left the door unlocked but we could go on in and play. So the boys did get to play after all.

We went shopping for some little boy sandals after that. First we went to Target, then to Kohl's (they had two pairs of boys sandals and about 15 for girls), then to Shoe Carnival, then Famous Footwear, and then to another place that I can't remember the name of right now......and we didn't end up buying anything! Can you believe it? They were either the wrong size, they didn't have hardly anything to choose from or they were just so ugly I didn't think I could stand to look at them all summer:). I'm not sure where we'll look next, although I did find out that Famous Footwear is having a buy one get one half off sale a week from tomorrow so we will likely go back then. The boys were incredibly good during this shopping spree.

Both boys are now napping so I am going to sign off for now and go get a few things done around here. Happy Saturday!

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