Monday, April 14, 2008

April 14, 2008 Part 2

I am well overdue for posting some pictures so here they are.

Can you guess what happened? On Sunday morning, while I was getting ready for church (not sure what the dad was doing), Nick was sitting on the potty chair and one of the boys decided that Nick needed some toilet paper. So Ben got him some:). Isn't that hysterical? I cracked up laughing when the dad showed me these pictures. I'm so glad he remember to take pictures before cleaning up. There is always something amusing going on around here, with two little two year olds running around.

Here is our homemade slide. N is playing with a bunch of buttons in this picture. It is fun to watch the buttons go down the slide.

In this picture, you can see the little sink/faucet and stove areas that we made for the boys. They enjoy pretending they are making cocky (coffee), oatmeal and pot pies and serving them to people.


kate said...

love the tp trail!

MMrussianadoption said...

bout time you showed us those cutie boys faces.

catrina said...

i laughed tea out of my nose at the potty pics. The boys are so cute!