Sunday, April 20, 2008

April 20, 2008

We had such a nice weekend. The weather here was absolutely beautiful, sunny and in the high 70's and low 80's in the afternoons and then cooling off at night.

We hired our babysitter on Saturday. They boys were so excited to see her, they were asking about her at breakfast. She arrived while the boys were napping and we left while they were still asleep. That was the first time we had ever done that so I was not sure how they would do with it but she said they did not cry when they woke up. They were in such a good mood when we got home, it was quite obvious that they had had a wonderful time with her.

I am so thankful we found a great babysitter who the boys love. She spent time outside with them, playing in the sandbox and on the swingset and slide and going for a walk. They played with the bean box and they played in the water at the kitchen sink. They always get to do fun things with her and she plays with them the entire time so they have a great time. She fed them their snack and the were eating dinner when we got home, while she read to them. The boys told me that she prayed with them before they ate. Ben also told me that she has nice hair. Isn't that a funny thing for a two and a half year old to say? They got to see her again today at church so they were excited to go to church today too.

While the boys were having so much fun, the dad and I went looking for tile for our bathroom again. This process is going very slow but it's a good thing because the shower leaked again recently (I may have already posted about this but I can't remember and don't want to take the time to look it up). We had some bad caulk so we think our problem is now fixed. We found several tiles that we liked. We brought one home to look at in our bathroom and the sales lady is going to order a couple of others that we liked and we should have them by Tuesday to see how they look.

After looking at tile, we went to the movies. We saw Expelled, No Intelligence Allowed (I think that's the name). I'm not sure what I expected but it exceeded my expectations by a lot. It was quite an eye opener and also entertaining. We thought Ben Stein did an excellent job on this documentary and I hope lots of people will see it.

Today we went to church and it was our turn to watch over the boys' class during the worship service hour. This was also quite an eye opener. Our little guys are not so little anymore:). It was so funny to see them with all of the other little ones in their class. There were children in there who were about the same age as our sons when they first started going to this class. Our sons were the tallest in the class and appeared to be the oldest. There were two little girls who are probably very close in age but they are small compared to our two. Also, our two seemed to talk more than anyone else but maybe that was because we were in there.

While the boys were napping, I went shopping. Yep. And I have much more shopping to do. I have been neglecting my wardrobe since we moved here and I quit my job. I have not bought one nice outfit since moving, since I had plenty of stuff from my corporate days. But that can only take one so far and I think I have pushed it further than it should have been pushed. I also need to lose some weight:(. I ended up just shopping for every day casual stuff today but I still need to buy some nice outfits for church and dressier occasions, although we are pretty casual people and avoid dressy events most of the time, except church of course. I'm really not looking forward to this shopping thing and, this year, I really must buy a new swim suit also. Yuck. I really dislike buying new swimsuits and don't particularly enjoy shopping for myself all that much these days. But shop I must so shop I will. I also gave myself a pedicure today, my first for this spring and I'm enjoying my pretty feet:).

When the boys woke up, we went to the park. I had taken the boys to the park on Friday and they have been talking about it since then and wanting to go back. They started asking about it again on the way to church, saying they wanted to go back and wanted the dad to go too. So we told them we would go after nap time today. Unfortunately it was absolutely packed with people but the boys had a fun time and we did too.

Overall, it was just one of those wonderful family weekends, where you end up just feeling so blessed and content to be with your very favorite people. Hope you had a wonderful weekend too.

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