Monday, April 14, 2008

April 14, 2008

What a very busy day, with a few mishaps. The boys and I hit the ground running this morning. They were up around 7:00am and I sat upstairs and watched them play in their room until about 7:30. They are very into jumping off of the end of their new beds. They are not so into sleeping in them yet, although they are still very into the idea of sleeping in them:).

Thanks for the comments on the sleeping issues. I think you are right...they just may not be ready yet. I think if they were in separate rooms, they would likely settle down and go to sleep more quickly. Since they are both in the same room, they start playing and jumping and get totally wound up. We considered putting them each in their own room but then decided against it. It would take a big effort to move everything around, including breaking down one of the cribs and then putting it back together. Neither of them have ever spent a night in a room alone, as far as we know. So we decided that it would be a bit risky to separate them now. We might turn our great sleepers into not-so-great sleepers and it's just not worth it. For now, we will continue to let them try to sleep in their new beds at nap time. I am allowing more time for them to play on their new beds and we are also now lying on their new beds when we read our night time stories before bed. They also get to play and jump a bit before and after brushing teeth at bedtime. So in time I'm sure they will get their fill of the excitement of the new beds and they will be able to settle down and actually sleep in them.

After playing, it was downstairs for breakfast/quick kitchen clean up, reading some books, brushing our teeth, getting dressed and running out the door to do a bit of shopping. We went to Target, Kohl's, Babies R Us and Walmart looking for clothes, sandals and jackets and the overall selection was pretty slim. We did find a couple of great jean jackets for $5 each and Babies R Us had some cute shorts and shirts for $5 each. We did not find any sandals that I liked though so we'll have to keep looking.

We ate at Subway in the Super Walmart and the very sad news of the day is that we lost the most favorite Ya Ya today. We left it at Subway and we believe that someone else took it home. I called Walmart when we got home and they did not see it anywhere. I did not know we had left it at Subway. I ran back over there when the dad got home, while the boys were napping, and looked for it myself. There were two ladies in the Subway that said they had just seen it a few minutes before I arrived but it was no longer there and they thought a child had taken it. Then the lady at the Walmart Customer Service desk said she had seen it at Subway too but nobody had turned it in. I went by Tuesday Morning to see if they might have another one just like it but they did not. I picked up three new small stuff animals to see if we might convince Nick to accept a new Ya Ya. More on that later.

After we came home, the boys went down for their nap and I cleaned up around the house a bit. Then I went outside to plant some flowers and vines in some very large pots that I have had for years. I wanted to put them on the corners of our front porch. So I got the dolly out of the garage and it was very hard for me to load one pot on the dolly because the pots are so big and heavy. But I did it, Yay! And I moved the pot the front of the house and was trying to pull it up the steps to the front porch. I was not strong enough to do it so I decided to leave it there until the husband got home and could help. He was due home any time. As I lowered the pot back to the ground, it was so heavy and large that it tip off the dolly away from me and fell over onto the sidewalk. The huge pot just broke into about six large pieces and dirt and plants/flowers went all over the sidewalk. It was the second sad moment of the day.

Fortunately, I had two more pots that went well with the one remaining large pot so I replanted the flowers and vines and moved everything to the front of the house. The husband helped me move the other large pots to the porch and clean up the mess.

Nick seemed very happy about his new Ya Ya's. He picked two of the new ones to be his new Ya Ya's and Ben got a new bear too. So everyone seemed happy but I was not sure what would happen when bedtime came around. Nick was happy until it was time to lay down and that's when he started asking about the "other Ya Ya?". We talked about it and about the new ones and he was doing OK. But when we came downstairs, we heard him crying for "other Ya Ya" over the baby monitor a few times. Fortunately, it did not last long and he and Ben were playing for a while before they fell asleep (in their cribs). Hopefully, he will quickly attach to another Ya Ya and forget about the lost one. I plan to check back at Walmart/Subway tomorrow again, just in case.

The funny thing is that he still has the very first, original Ya Ya, which we bought in Russia. It was the favorite one until we lost it and then he grew to like this other one that was lost today. We eventually found the original one months later behind the dryer and Nick was very happy to see it but it never became number one again.

Other than that, we had a wonderful day today. The boys were really very good, considering how many stores I dragged them to and we had a fun evening together too, including some time playing outside. Now they are both sleeping and I am soon to follow.

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