Wednesday, March 05, 2008

March 5, 2008 Part 2

Nick is now very into taking off and putting on his pants and taking off his diaper and sitting on the potty chair. He started this without any prompting or encouragement from me. I give appropriate amounts of praise for his interest and efforts, although he has yet to do anything in the potty. I am just waiting for the moment that he uses the potty chair for the first time because it will sing a song and he will be quite surprised.

I actually bought some pull ups today so that he can take them off and on by himself. They turn green when he pees in them but he still denies that he did so:). I saw him looking kind of surprised as he looked down at himself. He had peed in his pull up for the first time and I am guessing that it probably feels different than a diaper. I have heard they don't pull the wetness away as much, so they will feel it and know they are wetting their pants.

We were planning to go on an Easter egg hunt tomorrow but I think we are suppose to get some nasty weather so we may not be going. If we stay at home, maybe he will get to actually do something in his potty for the first time. It seems that the only time he wants to sit on his potty and try is when he really doesn't need to go. I'm OK with this, as I am just following his lead for now and letting him sit there when he wants.

I have a feeling that he might potty train quickly once he finally starts actually doing something in the potty. He sure shows tons of interest. He reads books while sitting on his potty. Although, he also does not seem to mind being in a wet diaper, so he may have a ways to go yet. Sometimes he does not want to be in a poopy diaper but sometimes he does not care.

I really had no intention whatsoever of starting this until the weather warmed up....and I'm really not starting it. I'm just letting him do what he wants to do and watching to see what happens, for now. So far, Ben shows very little interest. He likes sitting on the potty in his clothes sometimes but not for very long. He wanted to wear a pull up like Nick but I told him pull ups are for when he wants to start sitting on the potty without pants and a diaper. He did not object, ask again or want to sit on the potty. He just went on about his business and did not seem to care.

We'll see what tomorrow brings.

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