Wednesday, March 12, 2008

March 12, 2008

The latest thing that the boys are doing that is just cracking me up is they call me 'honey' or by my husband's name, when they are trying to get my attention. I'll be doing something, sometimes sitting right next to one of them and one of them will say 'hooooonnnnnnneeeeeeeeyyyyy'. Every time I hear this I crack up laughing, which is why it is repeated so often I'm sure.

And they will also call me by my husband's name and I will tell them 'that's daddy's name'. 'My name is Lea'. They repeat 'Lea' but it does not quite sink in, I guess because they hear me calling my husband 'honey' or by his name. They see it works to get his attention so I guess they think it will work for me too.

Ben, Nick and I all have colds and are coughing. Ben and I are just coming down with it and Nick is further along but his cough sounds worse. I have been blowing my nose and wiping their noses all morning long. But we are still managing to have some fun.

Yesterday I found an old Target gift card with $10 on it, or at least that's how much I thought it had on ended up having $24:). It was a gift for the boys so I decided to take them to Target yesterday and get them a little something. We got a play dough set that has a rolling pin, several cookie cutter things and a couple of things that you squeeze to mash the dough through into funny shapes. The boys love it and I have been having fun with it too. We did this yesterday and today.

One of the things I love about being a mom is being able to play again:). It really is a lot of fun to hang out with them and play with them. Yesterday I showed them how to play grocery store with their shopping carts and cash register. I found some old cards, such as an old Babies-R-Us gift card, my old Texas drivers license and a couple of other old cards for them to pretend with (we always use a debit card to pay for most things so the boys hardly ever see cash). They will give me a card and I will pretend that I am swiping it and pushing some buttons. Then I will tell them 'that will be $10 Mr. Pisarik', 'have a nice day'. They love this and want to do it over and over again. Then they will try to say the same thing and it is quite funny....they get the 'nice day' part pretty clear but they really butcher our last name. We also have some small bags (that can't fit over their heads:) for them to bag their groceries. They have had quite a fun time with this. I was actually looking for some small wallets for them at Target but they didn't have any pretend ones. I am thinking of looking at the dollar store and see what they might have. We played this for quite a while yesterday and played it again for a little while today too.

Yesterday we also went to the mall and they played on the little indoor playground for about an hour before we went to Target. We ate at Target because I was running late and it would have been very late by the time we got back home, to eat and get the boys down for their naps.

Today we played with the play dough set again and we spent some time talking about colors, shapes, numbers, letters, large/small, big/little, etc. We each colored the 'blue' page from our coloring book. It is a page with the word 'blue' on it and you are suppose to color everything on the page blue. So we each did this and then we hung our work on the fridge. They really enjoyed that. Ben already knows a ton of his colors but Nick is still learning them. They both need practice at holding a crayon or pencil though, so it is good for them both.

Yesterday I had the bright idea to surprise the boys when they woke up from their nap. We have a fairly large Rokenbok set that was given to us by my sister (it was my nephew's). So I spent all of the time they were napping getting this stuff out, organizing it, building the ramps and stuff and just generally trying to get everything to work right. It comes with a bunch of little red and blue balls and we have 5 of the vehicles that can do various things with the balls (a front loader/dump truck that can scoop them up, put them in the back and then dump them out, a street-cleaner looking truck that can vacuum the balls up and dump them out, a plow for moving the balls around and two others that I can't think of right now). Anyway, it is quite a production and it was a very expensive set that a bunch of us went in together to buy for my nephew when he was younger. Needless to say, the boys were very excited about the whole thing, although one of the controllers was not working so they could only play one at a time. You use a controller, much like a controller on the Xbox or whatever TV game you might have seen in the past, to remote-control move the vehicles around. You can use the controller to switch vehicles also and you can have up to four people and up to eight vehicles, if everything is working right.

This did not turn out to be such a wise decision. You see, the guidelines for Rokenbok indicates that it is for 5 to 6 year olds and I am sure they say that for a good reason, in retrospect. I don't know why I do things like this because it always backfires. The boys did have fun with it but we had to supervise every moment because they were doing things with the vehicles and controllers that they were not meant to do and we were afraid they would break them. I ended up having to put it all away, but not until the dad had gotten home and seen this fun toy. He was pretty excited about it, enough so that he found two used controllers on eBay, bid on them and won! So, when the boys are a bit older, they can both play with it with the dad (or me!) at the same time and I know they will have loads of fun.

I was exhausted after getting all of this stuff out, setting it up, supervising, making dinner, cleaning up and then breaking it all down again and putting it all away. It was a lot of work but I'm glad my husband got to see it. I think he will enjoy playing with it with the boys in another couple of years.

I keep meaning to post some pictures but I just have not taken the time to do it. Below are some, although I left my camera at my dad's so I won't be taking any more pics for a while.

I think the boys had seen someone do this and decided to imitate (of course). It is so cute how they just come up with some of this kind of stuff and you didn't even realize they had picked it up.

I ended up throwing out this potty book, as I think it goes into too much detail on body parts. We have two other potty books that are less detailed but sufficient to get the idea across.

 The boys love to play in our master bathroom bathtub, even when it doesn't have water in it. They are probably making 'cocky' (coffee) :).

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Tonya said...

My kids have all gone through the stage of calling me and Landon "honey". It is very cute.

And those pics are adorable!