Saturday, March 08, 2008

March 8, 2008

We had fun at the Easter egg hunt. Thankfully it was indoors, since it was pretty cold here that day but we did avoid the snow and sleet this time.

Yesterday the boys and I went to see my grandmother and then on to see 'Papa and Mimi'. My sister met us at my grandmother's and then we followed her to my dad's. We all had a great time. The boys really enjoyed themselves. It was my dad's birthday so that made it extra special. Nick and Ben got to blow out the candles on his birthday cake, which they enjoyed. And we ate and ate and ate.

On our way home, Nick was asleep within about 10 minutes or less. Ben took a little longer but not much. Unfortunately, this was their only nap of the day and it is only a little over an hour drive so they did not have a very long nap. We met the dad at my chiropractor's office and traded cars and he took the boys home while I went to my appointment. The boys were awake and all seemed fine when I said goodbye to them.

I was home maybe an hour and half later (or less) and Nick was showing signs of having the croup and was getting worse quickly. It was shocking how quickly he appeared to come down with it. The doctor dad hung out with Nick in the steamy bathroom, with the hot shower running, a couple of times but it really did not seem to help much. We thought we would be up with him all night. I heard him around midnight or 1:00, coughing and crying a little, so I woke up the dad. By the time we got to the top of the stairs, Nick had gone back to sleep. It took the dad about an hour to go back to sleep and it took me longer than that, but I'm not sure how long. I heard Nick again around 4:00am but he seemed to stay asleep that time. I could not go back to sleep for a while though. I also woke up at around 1:00 the night before and did not go back to sleep until around 4:00.

So, we are lacking sleep around here a bit today. I am hoping the boys will take a long far, so good. The dad is doing his two week stint on hospital duty as of this past Thursday so no days off for two weeks straight. He only works about a half a day on Saturdays and Sundays but it really makes for a long two weeks. He only has to do this about once every three months though so that's not too bad really.
Anyway, Nick was still croupy today so we spent time this morning doing things that keep us a bit more still and quiet than normal. We did play dough and colored and read books and did puzzles and stuff like that. It worked out pretty well but we were all ready for nap time, when the time came. I am hoping that Ben doesn't get it but won't be surprised if he does, since they drink after each other constantly. I'm guessing that Nick got this from MOPS on Tuesday. The timing is right and, since he is a thumb sucker, he catches things easier in those types of environments. I am very glad it is not the flu though. So far, we have avoided that, thankfully.

As for those sleepless nights, I don't mind them as much these days as I once did. I have decided that sometimes these are the only times that God can really get my attention and tell me some things so it is a very useful bit of time when it happens:).

Cute boys happenings:

We were driving yesterday and the boys were in their car seats in the back and I was listening to them. They were holding hands and closing their eyes and Nick would pretend to pray and then he would say "kisses" and make the kissing sound and then he would make the snoring sound, like he was asleep. Ben was just cracking up laughing. He thought it was so funny. I thought it was pretty funny too. Very cute.

Also, I had a nice surprise waiting for me when I went to get them up yesterday morning. Nick had taken off his PJ pants and his diaper and had wet his crib. He was laying in it and everything smelled like pee. I had to give him a bath and wash all of his bedding. His diaper was laying on the floor and still had the duct tape on it:). He has figured out how to push it down like underwear so the duct tape does not help much with him now. The diaper was dry, so I have a feeling that he might have slept without it all night. Isn't that fun?! It's a good thing that their room is pretty warm at night.


musicmommy3 said...

It's a good thing that it wasn't a poopy diaper. My boys did that once. Took off diapers together and SMEARED the entire room with poop. Only once though. :)

MMrussianadoption said...

my fingers crack too. i have such dry skin and have sinus problems as well. cant wait for warmer weather