Monday, March 24, 2008

March 24, 2008

We had a nice, relaxing Easter Sunday, which was lovely after such a busy weekend. We went to church and came home after to eat lunch and take naps:). Don't we lead an exciting life?

As for cribs VS beds, the boys are still in their cribs and, so far, neither of them have gotten out again. I have reminded them a few times and they distinctly remember the falling on their head part, when I bring it up.

Today, I was singing to them: "two little monkeys climbing on the bed. They fell down and bumped their heads. Momma called the daddy, daddy said. (while shaking finger at them) No more monkeys climbing on the bed! They thought this was very funny and they laughed and laughed and laughed and asked me to sing it over and over and over....and I did:).

We ended up shopping too long for bed frames on Saturday and it was too late to get the mattresses and boxsprings. We thought we would do it on Sunday after church and lunch but everything was closed. I have since bought the new sheets and comforters, water proof mattress covers and rails to keep them from falling off. Now we just have to buy the actually mattresses and boxsprings. We are going to hold off on the frames for now. First of all, we have not found one that we like. Secondly, we won't need it for a while anyway. We are going to set their mattress and boxsprings on the floor for now, until they learn how to not fall out of bed. So that gives me a bit of time to find some twin beds that I like and that are priced fairly reasonable. We checked out two consignment stores but the bed frames they had were junk.

My mom told me today that my four siblings and I (I'm the youngest) had all learned how to climb out of our cribs safely when we were moved to a big bed. Made me think that maybe we might be jumping the gun a bit and we might need to hold off and see how they do first. I'm still concerned that we won't be able to keep them in their beds and there is a safety issue with our staircase.

On the other hand, the boys have expressed excitement about getting their big boy beds and it is clear that they are now remembering things from day to day, as they have asked about it several times now.

Enough for now. It's past my bedtime.


musicmommy3 said...

HOnestly Gideon has been climbing out of his crib since before age 2I think he only fell a couple of times before he got it. :) The stairs aren't a prob either because he is SO GOOD on them. He's been using them since he could walk. Thomas climbed out of his crib around a YEAR!! We left him in it too. We just left the railing in the down setting. That's what we do for Gid too.

Dawn said...

My friend used a crib tent and her son LOVED it. I think he thought it was like sleeping in a tent and it kept him safe and secure.

Good Luck!

Tonya said...

We did big boy/girl beds anywhere from 17 mo (noah) to 25mo (Lyra). I always had to move a baby to get the crib ready for the next one so nobody got to stay in longer than 20 months but Solomon and Lyra. We moved Lyra out of her crib because we figured it would be better not to set the crib up at our new house (move to AL) and I wanted to get her used to her big girl bed before we moved.

I put all the boys mattresses on the floor and didn't use rails for anyone but Noah (first baby and only 17 months old when he was out of the crib). I found that they learned not to fall out very quickly that way. Having a rail on the bed feels a lot like a crib. Lyra never had rails and she slept up off the floor too so I put pillows on either side of her. She still sleeps like this because she likes it that way. She has a double bed so there is plenty of room for her little body and 3 pillows.

As for climbing out of the crib, all of mine did it if I left them in long enough. Once they start doing that, I just go ahead and move them. I don't like trying to put sheets on crib mattresses so I am always glad to be rid of them:):):).