Tuesday, February 20, 2007

February 20, 2007

Here is Nicholas, holding my sneaker. It's only size 7.5 but it looks huge next to him! He really likes shoe strings or anything soft to hold while he is sucking his thumb. He didn't do this for very long though. I'm sure the shoe was a bit heavy for him.

Do you like the socks and sandals:)? This is my solution to cold feet on our wood floors. They slip and fall too easily with just socks, even with the little grippers on the bottom. Their feet get too hot in their winter shoes and their summer sneakers don't fit yet. I may have to buy a smaller pair of sneakers for Ben. When I got the sandals, I realized that his feet are quite a bit smaller than Nick's.

Here is Ben, feeding himself a cracker. This was a big step for us. He is still not able to use his pincer grasp very well, although he does better with his left hand than his right, or so it seems. He is making an effort to feed himself at times though and we are happy to see this.

One of my favorite pics of Ben, learning to walk. He is really doing well with it. This is the way he walks, hands up in the air and a huge grin on his face. Very cute.

Notice his fingers on his left hand are crossed. He does this a lot. It is so cute!

A picture of Nick, sleeping on the living room couch, when he was still recovering from his bout of pneumonia. He's all better now and finished with his medication.

This is the same day Nick was sleeping on the couch and Ben was playing in the living room, wishing Nick would wake up. I thought this was too funny. He will sometimes lift one foot off the floor, so he can lean into the toy basket further. He actually fell in head first once and it was hysterical (he was not hurt). My mom and sister were here to see that and we all had a good chuckle.

Ben, palming the ball. He was excited when he realized that he could do this.


Debbie said...

So glad to hear B is fine. How great that they boys miss each other when the other is asleep or away. They truly are brothers. That's great.
Sounds like church went great. I have often wondered how it is leaving them in the nursery. Glad you were able to enjoy the service.
Happy anniversary. That was a very busy 2 years. I hope the next to are a bit slower and full of new things with your sons.
Sounds like they are sleeping so well. That's great.
They look great, so cute. Thanks for sharing the pictures.
You have many prayers answered, very happy for you guys. You are doing an amazing job.

Lauri said...


Will B pass a item from one hand to another? try putting a toy in each hand of his and seeing if he will clap them together and play pat-a-cake ( a small block or something he can wrap his fingers around works well)

Livi was also behind on fine motor skills and I would often have to show her how to play & to explore.
We do alot of lacing & fine motor activities now as she is still a little behind.

Denise :o) said...

OMG!! Ivan just started doing that EXACT SAME THING with his fingers on the same hand!!! I have no idea where he got this. How ironic.

Your boys are so adorable! Sounds like things are progressing wonderfully!!