Tuesday, February 09, 2010

February 9, 2010

Tonight the boys went to sleep without the dad or the mom sitting in the room with them. This is the first time this has happened since they moved out of their cribs, a very long time ago. This is huge people!!

When I talked to them about doing this last night and again earlier today, they were both on board with the idea. I talked it up several times today and promised them they could watch a movie tomorrow morning if they could stay in their beds and go to sleep without us sitting with them. When it came time to actually do it, Ben decided he did not want to try it. He wanted me to sit in the room and he cried for a little while. I should have expected this because he does not like change.

At one point Ben told Nick that he wanted to tell me something so Nick came downstairs and got me. I went up and talked to Ben and basically repeated what I had told him earlier. He was still crying a bit when I left again. Nick came back down a little later to tell me that Ben was bothering him with his crying and they both wanted me to sit with them and they didn't want to watch a movie tomorrow morning. I gave them another (firm) pep talk and told them we were going to do this and they are big boys now and don't need us to sit with them, etc. I told Nick to ignore Ben for a little while and he would quit crying and I also told him he could talk to Ben about what movie they wanted to watch in the morning. I told Ben that he needed to quit crying because he was bothering Nick. I was very sweet about the whole thing and tried to encourage them.

After my second visit to their room, I was listening to them on the monitor and Ben had stopped crying and they were both talking happily with each other. A bit later Nick was singing. He tried talking to Ben again after he finished his song and Ben answered very sleepily. Nick fell asleep during quiet time today and Ben did not so Ben was very tired and Nick was a bit peppy-er than normal. He sang a little longer and then he was quiet too.

I am surprised and very happy that it went as easily as it did. Hopefully this is the first of a new bedtime routine in which the dad and the mom no longer have to sit with the boys while they fall asleep, although I will remember those times with fondness.

They are such sweet boys. I love them so much. They are growing up too fast.

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Jana H said...

Ah, I can't believe how big they're getting. It doesn't seem possible that they've come to this step in growing up. That's good for you, though, because it gives you more time with the dad, but also sad because you are leaving that time behind. But it is good for the boys to learn. ....That is really funny about N saying that to B about his accident. I can just hear him saying that. Too cute.

Love you all so much.