Tuesday, September 08, 2009

September 8, 2009

The husband has the week off so we are sort of vacationing at home. He has to give something like 4 or 5 months notice these days so he just puts it in the schedule even if we don't have anything big planned.

Yesterday I spent the morning cleaning house and the husband spent the morning catching up on some of our personal things, while we both spent time with the boys. In the afternoon, my mom and sister came to visit. We all had dinner together and then I made an egg and sausage casserole for the morning while my sister and the husband played with the boys. My mom visited, watched the boys and read a book. It was a very nice evening.

Today we woke up to a yummy breakfast casserole and then the husband and I got ready for our first appointment with the architect. It was very interesting and it went very well. He had a lot of good ideas for how to change the plan we found on-line, making it better and more space efficient, better flow, without adding too many square feet (we hope) or big cost. I'm not sure how long it will take for them to have a first draft ready for discussion.

After our meeting with the architects, we arrived home to a house that smelled of cooking apple pie. Yum! My sister made one of her delicious apple pies and the boys had fun helping. They really enjoyed it and we all really enjoyed eating the finished product...plus, she baked some pie crust with cinnamon and sugar on it and that was Yum too. My sister makes the best apple pie I have ever tasted and I think she probably makes the best apple pie anywhere, ever:). It is that good!

After pie and lunch, we visited for a little while, as the boys played nearby, and then they had to head home. After nap, we headed out to the aquarium. The beavers were out and very active this evening and they were so cute. The female was very friendly and really hammed it up for us. I have seen the workers there hand feeding the beavers and petting them so they are friendly towards people. We watched them for quite a while and it was definitely the highlight of our visit to the aquarium. We saw all of the other fish and sharks and stingrays and everything else and the boys had a great time there. We had been wanting to go for a while so it was especially fun to be able to go with daddy. Also, since it was evening (they stay open late on Tuesdays), there were not very many people there, which was nice for us.

After the aquarium, we went to a place that has a pizza, salad, pasta (and everything from chicken to hotdogs to mashed potatoes, etc.), dessert buffet and it also has a arcade type of place. That is really an understatement. They have bumper cars, mini golf, bowling, race cars, plus and arcade, plus a little kids area that has one of those big blow up things that the little ones can jump around in and slide and stuff and a small train ride and on and on. Too much stuff but it sure made for a fun evening. We did not even hit half of it but we all had a great time and it felt like we were really on vacation, even though we never left our city. Not bad.

Tomorrow morning we are going to the zoo. The dad has only been to the zoo once before, when the boys first came home. It was just before he had to start back to work and we took the boys even though it was pretty cold out that day. We didn't stay very long that day and didn't see too much because it was too cold. So tomorrow will be fun. The boys will enjoy showing their daddy all their favorite things to see and do at the zoo. Then we will be sure to take a good nap and have an early dinner because we are going to church tomorrow evening. We signed the boys up for the little kids choir and a class afterwards but they have missed the first two weeks because they were sick. So tomorrow will be their first night. I hope it will be ok and they won't feel bad that they don't know what the others have already learned in the past two weeks.

When we were at the aquarium today, Nick was not watching where he was going (and this particular area was poorly lit) and he ran right into a small display that was standing right in the middle of the walk way. He hit his head on it and, at first I thought he was really hurt. There were some people nearby and I saw him kind of look at them, as his daddy picked him up to comfort him. Turns out he really was not hurt that badly but I think he was embarrassed. This is something new that I have noticed recently, with Nick in particular, that he can be embarrassed now. He is a bit ahead of the game socially so I am not surprised to see this with him first. I'm sure Ben will be following soon, if not already, although I have not seen it yet.

Things around here have been going well overall with the boys. I think I may have said this already but, just in case, we hardly ever have any day time accidents anymore. Night time is another matter, although we are bad about eating dinner late and also not taking the straight to the bathroom when they first wake up. But, overall, things are good and everyone is healthy and happy around here....and tired.

Time for bed. Good night!

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