Wednesday, September 02, 2009

September 2, 2009 Part 2

Wow, I just went back to see how long it had been since I had posted pics and it has been quite some time. I have also not been very good about taking pictures so I am going to work on that. We are at that point where, every time we take out the camera, the boys want to take the pictures. Anyway, here are some pics.

This was taken sometime in July. We were doing some arts and crafts.
This one may have been in July also. I just happened to look up to see what the boys were doing and they were sitting like this, "reading" to each other. It was so cute that I grabbed the camera real quick and snapped a surprise photo.
These next two photos were taken on a day when we did a science experiment. They were seeing which piece of paper would fall to the floor the fastest.

This was also a science experiment. They were blowing bubbles and watching them pop on a piece of paper, leaving wet marks on the paper. We were learning all about air.

This is Nick's artwork. It is the first time he has ever drawn a complete face all by himself. Sorry it is turned sideways. I forgot to spin it around before I loaded it.
And this is Ben's artwork. After he saw Nick's face, he had to draw one too. I asked him what the blue and purple areas were and he said they were eyebrows.
I took this one today, just so I could post an updated picture, since they are both growing and changing so quickly. Ben was playing with the spider that Aunt D gave the boys. They have a mixed reaction to all of the Halloween decorations that are already out in the stores. They talk about them before we get there and can't wait to see them and then they get kind of quiet when they first see them and then they don't want to get any closer and then they don't want to see them at all:).

And here is a picture from today of Nick, playing with the toy mouse.

And, of course, when I got the camera out, the boys each had to take some pictures. Nick took this one.

And then Ben took this one.

And then Nick took this one.
And then Ben took this one...and then I put the camera away.
That should do us for a couple of days. The husband has the week off next week so we might try to spend a couple of days in Arkansas. They have an outlet mall there and I have not bought any fall/winter clothes for the boys yet this year so I'm thinking I might find some really good deals.

The boys are now in bed and I am sitting with them until they fall asleep. I am racking my brain, trying to think of some of the other funny things they have said lately. One thing that I hear sometimes is, if I ask one of them to do something, he will say "certainly". I don't know where they got that one because I don't say least I don't think I do anyway.

This evening, the dad came upstairs and noticed a tear on Ben's face and asked him if he had been crying. Ben told him that he had been "weeping" and that it was the same thing as crying. The reason he had been crying is that, earlier he had gotten his foot shut in the door, when coming in from outside. It left a nasty mark and came just short of cutting his foot open so I am sure it is very sore. When they were upstairs with me, getting ready for bed, Nick pushed Ben in fun but it made Ben step on his foot in a way that made it hurt again so he had been "weeping".

The other word that one of them used today was "tidy". I can't remember the context now and I think it was Ben who said it. He used it correctly and I was surprised to hear it because it is not one of my normal words. They pick up so much from books and movies, it is really amazing.

The other night, Nick leaned over to give the dad a big hug and said "I lovin' on you". It was so sweet.

We went for ice cream this evening and, on the way there Ben happened to notice the numbers on the CD player so he started counting. He counted to fifty something before he lost interest and stopped. I had to help him with thirty, forty and fifty but he could do all the others. It really is amazing how quickly little ones remember things and pick up new things. I am constantly impressed by their memories but then, at the same time, I am always surprised when they don't remember something we did a number of weeks back.

Time to sign off for now. Goodnight!

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Karen said...

Hey Lea -

Sounds like life is keeping you busy! I loved the bubble experiment - we added food coloring to the soap/water and let them pop on white paper - it was really pretty :). Of course, my son sucked in and threw up at one point :( - but it was still a fun activity.