Wednesday, February 04, 2009

February 4, 2009

We seem to be mostly over our cold stuff so that is great. I think this is one of our fastest recoveries ever and am very thankful.

I took the boys to the mall today to let them play in the kids play area. It had been a long time since we had been there and they had a lot of fun. I sat there with a smile on my face, thinking about the times they had played there when they were so small and I had to watch them like a mama-hawk to ensure they did not get trampled upon by the bigger, faster kids. Now I have to watch them like a mama-hawk to make sure they don't trample the little ones.

They are growing up too fast!!


ChandraJoy said...

Glad everyone is feeling better. We are also trying to revamp our budget. We do really good for a while and then we slack off. Sorry to hear about the potential pay cut. I pray it doesn't come to that. (((HUGS)))

Jana H said...

I'm so happy the boys are feeling better. It's no fun to be sick. Will be praying for you and the dad about the whole money thing. Sometimes, if you're a college student, it's better not to have any money because then you don't have to worry about spending it. Ha ha. Just a little comic relief. Love you all.