Thursday, February 26, 2009

February 26, 2009 Part 2

I went back to see what pics I had last posted and, wow, I have been very delinquent in posting pictures for quite a while now. I must do better....and I really must start taking more pictures.

Here are a few from the past few months, to make up for many months with none.

These first two pics are Nick, doing his flip-over on the mini-tramp. He can do it very slowly and stop and hold at any point for a picture or just to look out the window upside down:).

And below is Ben, doing his flip-over. This was all they did for a while, once they learned how. Now they are back to jumping again.

And below is our little salad boy. I think he could just about live on salads. Today at the grocery store the boys talked me into buying the long carrots that require peeling. It's been a long time since I peeled a carrot. It was kind of fun and they really enjoyed eating them.

Play Dough masterpieces....I have no idea what the funny faces (on the boys) were all about.

Ben, riding the scooter. I am hoping they will get this down before we buy bikes for them.

Nick riding the scooter.
Ben, having a snack. I just thought this was a cute pic of Ben.

Nick, sitting on the dad's lap at the dinner table.

The boys with the dad at Papa and Mimi's house.

And this would be me, the mom, with Ben.

The boys with Uncle Kelly on the tractor. It was very windy and very cold that day. When they went out with the dad and Uncle Kelly to feed the cows, they even fed some of them by hand.

That's all folks!

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