Wednesday, February 11, 2009

February 11, 2009

Yesterday the boys and I went to the farm to see Mimi and Papa. It was a beautiful 73ish degrees and a bright sunny day and we had a wonderful time enjoying the beautiful weather....the calm before the storm.

We went out with Papa in his truck to feed the cows. The boys watched, wide eyed, while Papa lowered the big fork thing on the back of his truck, backed into the very large bale of hay and then raised it up onto the back of the truck. They enjoyed taking turns lowering the hay for the cows and sitting on Papa's lap so they could steer the truck through the pasture.

They also got to help feed the ducks on Papa's pond and then he took them each for a ride on the 4-wheeler. The boys and I also enjoyed throwing rocks into the creek. Loads of fun was had by all.

This morning we went to the aquarium. For the first time, we got to see one of the beavers and the otters. We were there during feeding time so they were all out and busy, including the raccoons. The boys also enjoyed petting the sting rays and the sharks.

We had a lot of fun but I am now ready to stay home for a day. Can you tell I am a bit of a homebody? This comes after many years of doing lots of traveling though so I think I have earned it:).

Overall, things are going very smoothly around here these days. Behavior has been good and potty training is going pretty well. Nick has been waking up way to early lately but he is pretty good about climbing into bed with me and hanging out for a bit while I watch or listen to a little news. He pets Dancer and talks a lot but he is pretty good about letting me take a bit of time to wake up. On the other hand, Ben is sleeping in these days and is taking longer naps than Nick too. I am wondering if he is in another growth spurt.

We have moved the recliner back into the boys' bedroom and are sitting with them until they fall asleep again. I think we both decided it was just easier and less contentious to do it this way. I actually enjoy it most of the time. At nap time, I let them each pick out one book to take upstairs and I read it to them while they are lying in bed. At night time, we are still doing our normal routine.

Both boys continue to be wonderful eaters and will eat just about anything. The only thing I can think of that they definitely do not like is cucumbers. I was actually really surprised that they did not like them because they like pretty much all veggies and fruits that they have tried.


ChandraJoy said...

Glad you all had a great time at the farm! Allisyn always has a blast when we go!

Way to go with the weight loss! I gave up my DP for 3 weeks and didn't see enough results to continue to give it up completely. :( I don't keep it in the house anymore though. I hope you enjoy your day in!

Jana H said...

Lea, good for you for losing five pounds. Snacking on the right foods and exercising are definitely key. You can pray for me too about that. Glad the boys are doing well. Hope I get to see you next weekend. Love you bunches.

MMrussianadoption said...

maybe your kids are ready to give up their nap. If they dont have a nap, maybe nighttime will be easier and they will go right down.

Yay for the 5 pounds. I just started WW on Sunday. But I started watching what I ate the week before. I have only lost 1 1/2 pounds so far, but anything is better than gaining. My goal is a total of 30 so I can once again fit in my skinny jeans and don a bikini once again. I hope you and I succeed

christine said...

lea, your day at the farm sounds fabulous. what a wonderful place for the children to experience the world and create memories.

similar to the previous blogger, i was also going to ask if you thought the boys or one of boys might be ready to give up the afternoon nap? while i always grieved when each of my children gave up their nap, the no-nap day also had a lot of positives: more time to go places or do larger activities, more freedom with scheduling, earlier bedtimes with the extra delight of the children being good and ready to sleep. be prepared for some fussiness and crankiness during the transition week or two. even when the child is ready to give up the nap, there will be some crankiness as their body adjusts to the new schedule.

ryan and kate both napped until a few months over 3. luke stopped napping in his early 2's. to this day, luke requires the least amount of sleep of all 3 children.

hope you are well.