Friday, December 05, 2008

December 5, 2008

I am on the night watch and I am sooo tired. I woke up around 2-something this morning and could not go back to sleep. I finally got up and did a few things and I have been going ever since. Unfortunately that does not make for a very happy mommy tonight. My patience level is right about at 0.0, which does not mix well with two little three year old boys.

The good news is that they are adjusting to our new situation, with me not sitting in their room while they are falling asleep. The first two nights Nick was a bit hyper vigilant, calling out to me to make sure I was still sitting in my chair outside their door. Tonight, he seems fine with it and has not called out to me like that yet.

I am hoping that after a few more days of this, I can move out to the game room, which is just down a short hall from where I am sitting. I have the monitor with me so I can hear what they are doing or if they need me. The only thing is that now I can tell them to settle down without getting out of my chair. I won't be able to do that if I am in the game room, although I could watch a little news. I am hopeful that within a couple of weeks, we will no longer be required to hang out upstairs until they fall asleep.

I think I might fall asleep before they do tonight, here in my chair. I am so sleepy.

My sister is spending the night tonight. She went to a Christmas concert that my niece is in at a nearby university. After it is over, she is coming back here to stay the night and will hang out with us for a little while tomorrow. I am so looking forward to having a little help. I have basically not had any help now with anything around here all week. I did get to have a break one day at the beginning of the week. My friend came over and watched the boys so I could take a little break. I had an hour and a half and I used it to run some errands. It was a much needed break. Very sweet of my friend.

Thankfully, it sounds like they are falling asleep a bit early this evening....which probably means they will be up at 6:00am. Oh well. As tired as I am tonight, I'm OK with that trade off. Hopefully I can head off to bed soon.


Jana H said...

Hey Lea, say hi to my mom. Tell her I love her. I hope Aubrey's concert was good. I'm sorry you're so tired. I'll keep praying for the boys. I'm glad your new approach is working. Talk to you later.

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