Monday, December 15, 2008

December 15, 2008

It seems we may have finally hit the bottom of the gas price drop, according to the news folks anyway. We'll see. I was really hoping it would get into the dollar-thirty-something range so I am a pretty happy camper right now. Now I am just hoping it doesn't go back too quickly.

In other news, we got a bunch of ice last night. The ground is covered with a sheet of ice but, fortunately, it did not cover the trees and bushes and stuff like it did last year. The dad went to work this morning and said that just 5 miles from our house there was no ice. So apparently it was pretty selective. The boys and I stayed in all day. It has been a cold one. I think the high today may have been around 17 or 15 degrees.

The boys and I put some water in tuperware bowls outside so we could see how long it would take to freeze but then we forgot about it.

Did I mention that I am sick again? I am once again so hoarse that I cannot even sit and read a book to the boys. It takes effort to talk, although it was worse last time. The funny thing is that I don't think I have ever had this sort of thing in my life before and now I have had it twice in just a few months. Maybe I need to start eating healthier. I seem to be catching colds more often than normal.....although I just finished a stressful four week stretch, with the dad away on a trip and then working extra hours while also spending a lot of time at church performing in a play. I don't do well when I go that long without getting hardly any personal time or any time alone. So maybe the added stress had something to do with it.

Well, I started writing this during naptime and now it is bedtime for me. It's been a long day.
Hope you are enjoying those low gas prices! :)


Suzanne said...

Wish I could store it up and use it next summer.

Anonymous said...
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