Friday, October 17, 2008

October 17, 2008

We celebrated Ben's 3rd birthday at the end of September. We now have a three year old and a two year old but not for long. Nick will turn 3 in early to mid November and he is very much looking forward to it....but first we have the dad's birthday next week:).....and we have my niece's birthday celebration this weekend, where we will also celebrate the boys' birthdays with my family. Cake, cake and more cake; gotta love it!

Anyway, back to Ben's birthday. We do low-key birthday celebrations at our house. The day of Ben's birthday, the boys helped me make Ben's cake and they had a fun time decorating it. We had to go to the store for a few things. While we were there, we celebrated by riding some of the rides they have (they rode them, not me:). I wrapped gifts while they napped and, that night after dinner, we had some close friends over to celebrate. We all sang Happy Birthday and Nick helped Ben blow out his candles. We had cake and watched Ben open his gifts. Nick got one of his gifts that night too so they both had a lot of fun playing with their new toys.

Tomorrow we go to my sister's house for the combined celebration for my niece and the boys. They are both very excited and I am very excited to see my niece again, as this will be our first time to see her since she has gone off for her first year of college.

Here are a couple of pictures from Ben's birthday party last year. Boy do they change so quickly when they are little, don't they? It's incredible.

I'll post other pics in a separate update so the post won't be quite so big.

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Jana H said...

I can't believe the difference a year makes. The pictures are unbelievable. They are just getting so big. It was so good to see you guys last weekend. Thank you for my sweet card and gift. That was very nice of you. Tell the boys I love them and give them kisses and hugs from me. I love you all so much.