Sunday, October 05, 2008

October 5, 2008

I now have the virus/cold that Ben had and today is my worst day so far. I stayed home from church while the three guys went so I have a bit of peace and quiet and am hoping to take a nap too.

We ended up not moving the piano after all. It was raining yesterday morning and it turned out that it was not the ideal day for everyone involved. Also, I thought my sister was anxious to get it out of her house but she said it's no big deal so we will get it another weekend.

The boys received a birthday package from their Aunt D, who lives in Arizona. D, the entire package was a huge hit. You definitely know what kids like! They loved the stickers all over the boxes and in their cards. The monkeys were especially the big hit. They were getting ready to go for a walk with the dad when they found the package so they ended up taking the monkeys with them. This morning, Nick had stuck his monkey's hands together and was showing his daddy how his monkey was praying. It was very cute.

The clothes are also adorable. They are both wearing 3T's right now but I'm sure they will grow into the 4T's very soon. If they don't fit by the end of winter / spring, I'm sure they will fit in the fall. I like your taste in clothing:).

Not much else to report around here right now. I have some cute birthday pictures and other pictures but I can't load any of them until I get my laptop back. You'll know it is back when you start seeing pictures again:).

I'm going to take a nap now and try to get over this cold virus quickly.

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Dasha said...

I'm so glad that the boys enjoyed their birthday gifts! Double hugs & kisses to them!