Tuesday, October 28, 2008

October 28, 2008

Well, I just finished giving the boys an unplanned bath. They were outside playing when Ben dumped a bucket full of water and sand (very watery sand) on top of Nick's head. It went all over him, inside his coat (it was pretty chilly outside too!), down his back all over his neck and all over his shoes. Nick was quite a mess, very cold and not very happy. Ben thought it was funny. I did not:).

Yesterday I was in the kitchen and the boys were playing in the library/playroom, which used to be a formal dining room so it is right next to the kitchen. I was listening to them and this is what I heard:

Nick: Ben?

Nick: Ben!??

Nick: Ben!!!???

Nick: Mickey!
Ben: I not Mickey; you Mickey!
Nick: I not Mickey; you Mickey!
Me: laughing, as they went back to playing whatever they had been playing.

I have heard Nick do that a couple of times now. I don't know where he got "Mickey" from, unless it is from Mickey Mouse, of whom he has seen very very little to date. I guess he has figured out that it works to get Ben's attention when Ben is ignoring him.


Jana H said...

Love the stories about the boys. Too cute. I love the political story too. It makes sense. I read it to my mom over the phone and she laughed. Can you believe it's only a week away? Doesn't seem possible.

MMrussianadoption said...

that's kind of mean to take your dislike of Obama's plan on someone who supports him. If he was a good server, you should have tipped. You dont know what his financial situation is. while he may have more than a homeless person, he still makes next to nothing an hour and works hard to earn those tips. now if he sucked, then i understand not tipping him. So basically if he was wearing a McCain pin you would have tipped him?

Lea said...

Hi Melissa. Actually, I read that story in the comments on someone's blog. I think it happened somewhere in CA.

I did find it funny though because this is what Obama stands for so this is what the waiter indicates he is for. Maybe it will make the waiter think twice about his vote for "spreading the wealth around".

There are many small business owners who work very long hours to make their business a success. They have struggled for years, working 20 hour days while try to raise their kids and get their business to a point where all the hard work pays off. They finally get there and finally get to start enjoying a little bit of the rewards and Obama's plan comes along and takes the money away from them and spreads it around to others, 40% of whom pay no income taxes at all and most of whom did not work 20 hour days, did not struggle through what these people struggled through and did not take any of the risks that these business owners took in order to make their businesses a success.

Americans give more to charity than any other nation but, in my opinion, it is very anti-American for our government to "spread the wealth around" for us. At least when Robin Hood did it, he was taking from the rich who had stolen from the poor illegally and he was giving back to the poor what was rightfully theirs.

America has always been the country where everyone else in the world wants to live because they all know that the opportunities here are better than any other country and, if a person is willing to work hard, make good choices and apply oneself, anyone can pretty much do/become anything they want here.

God Bless America!

Lea said...

For the anonymous commenter who left the last comment, I deleted it because you used inappropriate language.

I know very well what kind of money waiters make, as I was a waitress myself for many years. I started my first job as a dishwasher in a cafe when I was in 7th grade and worked my way up to waitress. I personally would leave my politics at home while I was waiting tables.

I am open to opinions that differ from mine but I would hope we could all express our opinions without using nasty language.