Tuesday, October 07, 2008

October 7, 2008

So, I am still sick and feeling pretty badly. If there was ever a day that I needed a sick day, today would have been one of them. But, alas, I no longer have the luxury of sick days.

I have no voice. I am struggling to talk and most of what I say comes out as a whisper. So keeping two little boys in line has been quite the challenge, yesterday and today both, but especially today.

I even broke down and let them watch TV yesterday afternoon and this morning. They don't watch for very long though before they are ready to go play. Behavior has not been very good overall lately. Not sure if they are insecure because of my sickness or what but it has not been great, which makes this more difficult.

I had a great idea today though:). I sent one to play in the library/playroom and the other to play in the living room and set the timer for 20 minutes. They did great. So I had them switch rooms and reset the timer for another 20 minutes. They are still doing great and we have 9 minutes to go.

I think I will make this a daily thing going forward. I think it might make them appreciate each other a little more and it definitely gives me some peace and quiet for a short while. I plan to extend it to 30 minutes sessions so I will be able to look forward to one hour of peace. Yeah. Oh happy day. The Lord knew I needed help today and he sent me this idea.

Our second 20 minute time period ended and we all sat down to talk. I asked them how they liked playing alone and they both said they liked it and wanted to do it again. Who knew?? So we are doing a third 20 minutes of play-alone time now:). Isn't that wonderful??!!

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Jana H said...

Dear Lea, you make me laugh so much. I think you're idea is brilliant. I bet you love it too. I can just see the boys saying, "Mommy, I like it. I like it." And I can just see you agreeing saying, "Mommy likes it too." I'm sorry your voice is gone. I know that is probably a key element in rasing two little boys. Well, I will let you go. Love to you all,