Monday, December 06, 2010

December 6, 2010

As I type, the boys are busy painting beautiful pictures and the dad is out buying a tarp to put under the Christmas tree, since we can't find the one we normally use. It is probably in storage. The tree is outside, just waiting to be brought in and decorated.
The boys and the dad went to the Christmas tree farm this afternoon and cut down the tree. On their way back, they stopped off at the new house, where I met them. We were expecting to see good progress on the spraying of the insulation but, alas, nobody was there. I called our builder and he said the insulation guys had said they were delayed but thought they would be there by noon. Not so. Hopefully they will start tomorrow. This morning the builder had thought they would be ready to start sheet rocking later this week but who knows now.

The rock and brick are looking very nice though. I took some pictures and will post them later this evening, as I still have to download them from the camera and I am resting now before fixing dinner:).

It is 42 degrees here now, although even a slight breeze makes it feel much colder and it is getting very cold at night. All of the rock/brick work at the house stops when it gets this cold at night. They have already finished all of the brick work though and they don't have much left for the rock. Not sure when they will start the stucco.

In other news, my two cats are now 15 years old. I can't believe they are that old. I hope they live long enough to move to the new house because I am planning to let them outside some there. The male cat has always wanted to go out and will try to get out anytime the door is open and has escaped many times. They still act as if they are young kittens at times and seem to be in very good health so I think they will make it.

Not much new going on here. It is just so wonderful to be back to good health and have energy again. My poor sons and husband deserve a medal for putting up with me while I was sick. Nick just showed me the picture he painted and said it was a picture of heaven. Isn't that sweet?

They are finished painting so time for me to get busy. I will post a couple of pics of the house later.
Merry Christmas!

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