Monday, December 06, 2010

December 6, 2010 Part 2

Click on any picture to see a closer view. The first picture shows the rock that is going on the front of the house. It will be wainscot across the front and the side where the garage doors are. It will goic all the way up to the roof on the two areas of the house in the front that stick out further, one with the windows to the garage where the scaffolding is and the other at the other end of the house.
The picture below shows the house from the back and part of the side. The brick will be painted with a coating of something (can't remember what they call it but it is thicker and more durable than paint). It will be a bit darker than the stucco that will be over the remaining parts of the house. You can see in the pic below where the screened in porch will be and also where the outdoor patio will be. I have not posted any pics of the inside yet because it is just too confusing to look at pics of stud walls. I will post some once the sheetrock goes up.
Nick had his birthday last month. We were singing happy birthday to him and he had this really cute look on his face, as he was watching his brother sing to him.
Opening birthday gifts is always a team effort:).
Trying to have a fierce look, like a real pirate.
And here is our happy pirate.
And here they are both trying to look fierce. Aren't they scary? They love to play dress up and have been playing in these pirate costumes every day since Nick's birthday. The boys are both 5 now, much to Nick's delight. He really hated being 4 for the six weeks when Ben was already 5. That was very hard for this child who always has to be first...but also probably good for him;).
This was just one day in November when I caught them looking at books together.
It is impossible to get a good, candid photo of them these days and, when they see me coming, they are either not very cooperative or they give me these real cheesy grins.
Ben watching a movie. I love this picture of him.
And Nick watching TV. They get so engrossed that they don't even notice my picture taking:).
That's it for tonight. Christmas pics coming soon! Merry Christmas!

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Jana H said...

The boys look so grown up. Their toddler is almost completely gone. I just can't believe they are five. How time flies. The house looks great, and I'm so glad that it is coming along so quickly. I can't wait to see you all at Christmas, and I'm hoping to come and stay with you for a night or two to give you and the dad a chance to go out or do whatever. Anyway, miss you and love you all.