Thursday, December 16, 2010

December 16, 2010

Overheard just now, while the boys were playing: Ben: "Bow down to me!". Nick: "I will not bow down to you!" They were using their little men to play and this is what the men were saying to each other.

This morning the boys were playing with an inside type of ball, throwing it back and forth in the hallway. Nick had a baseball glove but Ben did not so he went to look for it. And then I heard: "Mommy, I can't find my mitten!" So I let him know that it is a baseball glove, also sometimes called a mitt, and I helped him find it.

Every time we go out to the new house, they end up finding some other stick or pipe or pole or something that they MUST keep in the van. The van is not looking so good these days. To be fair, it has not looked so good since soon after it came home. We clean it up every once in a while but I would guess that my long time friends who knew me well when I was single would be quite shocked to see the messiness of the vehicle I drive these days:). This also applies to our home quite often. Although, after a few warnings I finally got out a trash bag the other day and started loading toys from the floor into it, with the intention of putting them in the attic for a long period of time. The boys were quite upset about that and things have improved drastically since then. I am now able to walk around the house without having to step over toys all the time. If things start looking bad again I simply say "looks like I need to get out my trash bag" and the toys are picked up quickly without complaint. Once we are moved into our new house this might not be as big of an issue. In this house we are limited on floor space for walking from one place to another so it is also the floor space for playing, for the most part. They do have their bedroom, the upstairs playroom and the guest room where they can play and leave things out more but they tend to want to play in the main room and hallway. I am soooo looking forward to moving.

The new house is coming along. They are hanging sheetrock now, the garage doors are suppose to be put on tomorrow and the gas is suppose to be turned on so they will be able to turn the heat on, which is good because they will need it for most of the next steps. After the sheetrock has been hung, the next crew will come in and do the floating. After that, they will put down the unfinished wood floors and will also start installing the tile in the bathrooms (we still need to pick out the tile).

We have a bunch of errands to run today so must go now. Later!


April said...

Hi Lea -- It's me, April. I was going to write you a letter after recieving your beautiful Christmas card with the boys. I noticed a new address for you and was curious. And here I am on your blog. Wow! Big changes, so happy for you and I thoroughly loved the pictures of the boys and the stories. Did you build the new home on your family's farm? Sounds perfect! Sending love, wishes for joy and blessings wrapped in happiness. Happy New Year!

Lea said...

Hi April! I was not sure if you would receive our card because I was thinking you had moved to Florida. Do you have a new address? We are not building on the farm but in a small (but quickly growing) town outside of Tulsa. So good to hear from you. Happy New Year!!