Sunday, October 03, 2010

October 3, 2010

I have a bunch of pics I will try to post later today. I don't have a lot of time these days, as the dad is out of town and I am on my fifth day of single parenting. My brother is spending the nights with us lately, as he has a friend who has been in the hospital and is now in rehab for a week or two and he is helping him out. That works out great because I sleep better when there is a man in the house.

Yesterday was a big day! The bulldozer came and cleared out all of the trees that were to be removed for building the house and we got to watch. They did not have time to take the trees away yesterday so they moved some of the to the back of the lot, some to the front of the lot and some to the neighboring empty lot (with permission) so they would have the space needed to build the pad.

They also put in the culvert and made the working driveway, to be used during construction and which will eventually be turned in to our new driveway. And then the dump trucks came, dumping around 20 loads of dirt for the pad. We finally left before they were finished but they were suppose to be done building the pad by the end of the day. I'm not sure when they are suppose to start the footings for the slab but I am hoping it is tomorrow. The sooner the better.

I spent most of the day watching the activity on the lot and taking pictures. The boys found lots of friends to play with and spent most of the day playing with the neighbor-boys. We are moving into the dream neighborhood for any boy. There are many many boys within a block in any direction of where we are building our new house. We met the ones directly behind us and the boys played there for a short time. Then we met the ones across the street, to the right of the pond, and the boys played there for hours. Then they went to the left side of the pond and played with the boys who lived there.

They rode on two zip lines, played on a trampoline and one of those big, wooden play structures, played lots of games, like red light green light and tag and hide and seek and played with a couple of dogs. They had a ball and met some very nice boys and I met their very nice moms.

When it was finally time to go, after hours of playing, Nick started crying because he didn't want to leave. Today he asked me if we needed to go see the lot, only because he wants to play with the boys again. He is our son who would spend all of his time outdoors, if he had someone to play with and Ben is our guy who doesn't enjoy the outdoors as much and even asked me if he could go into one of the neighbor's homes yesterday because he was bored outside (there were about 10 kids and tons of stuff to play with!). So I predict that we will seldom see Nick once we move into our new house.

I have been purging and, thankfully, much of what I am getting rid of is going to be sold via the used homeschool store near here. We are always buying things there so that will work out nicely. I still have more toys and books to get rid of though. With birthdays and Christmas upon us, it is time to get rid of lots and lots of stuff.

The dad comes home late tonight but then has to work 12 hour shifts Mon and Tues, so it will be 7 days straight before I really get a nice mommy break....although yesterday was wonderful, being outside all day and the kids having others to play with. It made for a bit of a break for me and I enjoyed watching the activity on the lot. Hoping there is more activity on Monday:).

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