Wednesday, October 06, 2010

October 6, 2010

I intended to post these a couple of nights ago but never got around to it. Better late than never:). Here are some pictures taken over the past month or two. The order is wacky but I'm too tired to mess with it today.

This first picture is of the boys playing in the little sandy beach at the 100 acre lake in the community where we are building our house.
This is the same lake and they allow fishing, although it is catch and release. This community is being built on 3,000 acres and there are many ponds around the place. Residents are allowed to fish in any of them but they are all catch and release.
The people running the bulldozer on our lot over the weekend made sure to stop and let the boys climb up for a picture moment. I think they might have been kind of scared because they look like they are hanging on for dear life.
Here we are back at the lake . This is the running/biking track that goes by the lake. I think it will eventually go all the way around.
This little rockery mound is next to the lake. The boys love climbing all over this. The building in the background is a new elementary school that just opened in 2009.
Our new community has an outdoor concert once a month (I think - we have only been to one and that was for the July 4th firework celebration. The band sets up under this small pavillion thing. The land in front of it slopes upward so people can see the band better. There is a huge empty area to the right where kids can run and play and the rock mound is real close by also.
Here are the boys climbing on the rocks again.
Another shot of the small beachy area.
Boys running on the small beach. I think it is kind of odd that they put in the beach but people are not allowed to swim. I guess it is another thing the kids can do while the parents are watching the band.
This is across the street from our lot. It is one of the small ponds and it is even much smaller right now because of the very hot summer.
Here is the bulldozer, taking down trees on our lot. It is sad to see them come down but exciting to see work begin towards building the house.
Putting in the culvert for the temporary driveway that will be used during construction.
The boys really enjoyed pulling the rope to blast the horn on this huge dump truck.
The poor cats have to find anywhere they can to escape from the boys at times. This is Zoe, the one who fell down through the wall from the attic recently.
The boys were so happy that they both got a play rifle and an umbrella for Ben's birthday. I knew they would love this rifle that has a strap on it to carry on their shoulder. Both gifts were a huge gift for Ben. He has played with them constantly since his birthday and tells everyone about them. He still wants to know how old he has to be before he can have a real gun. It is so odd that such a young child can be so crazy about guns when his parents have none and never talk about guns at all.
Another picture of the bulldozer clearing our lot. They had to remove over 28 trees, although I lost count at some point.

Another picture of the area across the street from our lot. All of the lots are one acre lots, so far. I think they are planning other areas where they will sell smaller lots intended for townhomes or smaller homes.
Nick made this "pirate hat and patch" himself from a paper bag and played with it for the longest time. He is trying to look very serious and mean, like a pirate.
A picture of Ben when we went to the Oklahoma City zoo.
Here is the hole that the husband had to cut into the wall in our master bath to get the cat out, after she had fallen through the wall from the attic.
The husband stuck the camera into the wall and took a picture upwards so we could see the inside of the wall where she fell. It really is a wonder she was not hurt.
This is a sample of the stone we have picked for our new house. It will be used, along with stucco, on the front of the house. It really looks different in person. The lighter colored stones look more peachy and light brownish in places and the gray colored stones look gray in places and almost blue in other places.
They ended up needing extra dirt for the pad so they hauled that in earlier today and the bulldozer is suppose to be back this evening to finish the pad. The concrete guy is suppose to start on the footers tomorrow morning. Moving right along.

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Jana H said...

I'm so happy to see how far you've come with the land. That's great.

The boys look like they are doing well. I miss all of you so much.

I don't if you had talked to my mom or not, but we are celebrating my birthday on Oct. 16. I hope you and boys get to come down that day. That would be wonderful.

I love you all so much. Give the boys hugs and kisses for me.