Thursday, January 15, 2009

January 15, 2009

Things have been pretty busy around here and yet there is nothing too exciting to report. The boys and I made our trip to OKC for the apostilles for our post placement reports and sent them off this week. That makes three down and one to go. Our last report will be due around this same time next year and then we will be done.

I took the boys to Target and let them each pick out some new big boy underpants, in hopes that would provide some much needed incentive. Since then, Ben has been wearing them each day and has not had an accident now in two and a half days. Nick, on the other hand, has an accident almost every time he turns around, or so it seems. I'm not sure what is up with that. On the afternoon when we returned from OKC, it was probably around 3:00 in the afternoon when we got home. Both boys put on their new underpants and N wet his pants six times that afternoon/evening. After that, he put on a pull up, since it was almost time for bed and I was out of sweat pants for him. I did laundry that night and let him start again the next day and he did the same thing. He sure seems to wet often and in smaller amounts. He tried again today and same thing. He likes to wear the new underwear but I have yet to see any progress in his ability to recognize he needs to go before he actually starts going. My plan is to wait until it gets warmer and then do the program that I did last time with him. He did very well with it at the time and he is older now so hopefully it will stick this time. Until then, I will continue letting him wear his big boy pants and "try" as much as he wants and I will encourage him and provide incentives and we'll see what happens. But, since it is so cold right now, he has to wear sweat pants or jeans and so it is not so easy for me to catch him as he is just starting to go and rush him to the bathroom.

I am very thankful that Ben is doing so well with using the potty. I would be going nuts if they were both wetting their pants this often. God has really blessed me in this way. It seems that it is usually one at a time that has an issue with something. It has saved my sanity.

I need to try to remember some of the funny/cute things the boys are saying lately. There have been several I have thought I would post about and then I forget them. One of them was Nick, the other day, telling me that I am his best friend. He told me this again tonight. It really melts my heart. The other funny thing is listening to them playing "stone soup", which is a book they like to read. They will pretend they are making soup and they will say, "mmmmm, this is good....but it needs something else" and the other one will ask what it needs and then they will think of all kinds of things to put in their "stone soup". Very cute.

Today, they wanted to sit at the table and color. I was just finishing up something before getting all of their stuff out and, while they were waiting for me, they started picking on one of the cats who was sleeping nearby. I told them to stop or they would not get to color. They continued with pestering the cat so I told them they could not color right now and sent them off to find something else to play. They both cried loudly, apologized and begged to color but I stuck to my guns. Nick tends to get over things like this easier/faster but Ben seems to take it to heart a bit more. They were in the library/playroom and I overheard Nick saying "let's play puzzles Ben!". I am seeing more and more that Nick does not like to see Ben upset, unless it is from something that Nick did, like taking his toy or hitting him or something. Soon after, I heard Nick say, "Ben, are you happy?; Are you happy Ben?". I think Ben said that he was happy. It was so cute and I heard him ask it again a bit later too. Very funny.

As for sleeping, Nick is staying in his bed much better these days. I am on night duty right now and they have both done very well. I had to go back in once because Nick decided he needed to go to the bathroom (and he did:). After that, they both went back to bed and I have not had to go back in since and they are both quiet now. So that's all good.

Well, boys seem to be sleeping. I'm off to bed myself now.  Good night.


kate said...

But, if they numb your throat, how can you tell them when you feel the balloon?

Great. I'm closing in in 40. The next decade sounds peachy.

Lea said...

Hi Kate,

They would put the balloon further down, where it is not numb but where it is past the gag reflex (I guess:).

My husband read the details they sent last night and I won't be doing it after all. Turns out that the drug they are testing is a sister to drug to one that caused heart problems, especially in women. I'm kind of relieved:).