Friday, January 16, 2009

January 16, 2009

The boys woke up at 6:00am this morning. When Nick came downstairs, I immediately noticed his face was beat red. The right side is worse than the left but both sides are really bad. The right side even looks swollen, his right eye was a bit swollen all day and the inflammation has spread throughout the day. It has now moved to behind his ear and is moving around his eye, on the inside of the eye.

He had a bad episode with this last winter but we had not seen any signs of it yet this winter. We had humidifiers installed with our furnaces, downstairs and upstairs, and we were hoping this would fix the dryness issue in our house this year. We have had a lot of trouble getting the new humidifiers to work properly though. The guy came back out today and we think the downstairs humidifier is now working properly. However it seems the upstairs may have to be taken out and our money refunded, as it is not working at all. There is a pan under it to catch any extra water and it turns out the pan was full. I had noticed a dark stain on the ceiling in our living room yesterday, which should have sent off huge alarms in my head. We had so many other things going on though that I ended up forgetting about it. When the guy mentioned the water in the pan upstairs today, I immediately remembered the stain on the ceiling and knew right away from where it came.

The dad bought a large humidifier on his way home from work today and it is already running in the boys' room so the humidity level should be good in there when they go to bed. I boiled to large pots of water on the stove for a couple of hours this afternoon and that really helped the humidity level downstairs right away and it seems the furnace humidifier is now working (I think). So I think we now have the humidity level of the house in good shape again, which is good. Now we just have to get the inflammation in Nick's face under control.

He is such a good sport about it and it really does not seem to bother him much. It is very hot to the touch though and I can't imagine it is very comfortable. There were several times today when I could tell he was not quite his normal self today but, overall, he did really well considering. Hopefully we will see some improvement in the next 24 hours or so.

In other news, we sure did a lot of reading today. The boys really enjoy being read to and ask for it often. This morning, I read 9 books to them before they were done and ready to get down and play. I think that is the most I have read to them in one sitting and these are books that are typically listed for four-year-olds according to the books that I use to find good books, so they are a bit longer and more complex than the ones we used to read to them. We still have the simple ones too but they really like the books with more of a story now.

I really enjoy reading to them, although sometimes I struggle to stay awake:). I don't know why but it seems that every time we sit down to read, I start getting sleepy. There are so many books that I never read as a child, I am definitely enjoying picking out the books and reading.

Time to help get little boys ready for bed. Goodnight.


Tonya said...

I turn into a zombie as soon as I open a kid's book. It is some sort of phenomenon that happens to mothers. My mom said the same thing happend to her when we were little. I think it has to do with sitting still with little warm bodies on you. It just makes one drowsy.

I hope your little guy gets better quickly, poor thing.

musicmommy3 said...

I agree with what Tonya said. It happens to me as well. :)