Monday, September 15, 2008

Sepember 15, 2008

One day last week, I was almost finished fixing lunch for the boys and they were patiently waiting while sitting right next to each other at the kitchen island. They had just gotten up there and sat down when Ben said to Nick, "How was your day today Honey?". Without missing a beat, Nick replied, "Much better, play with Ben much". I was cracking up laughing.

They were so funny that day. Later they were pretending to dive into water, as they fell onto the living room floor. Then it became snow and they were pretending to play in the snow and then to throw it at each other. Then I heard one of them say "do you like it in your face" and the other one said "yes, I like it any place". For those of you who are Dr. Seuss fans, you might recognize those words from the Snow book.

Today I took them out to buy some new sneakers. We ended up buying the ones that light up when they walk. This is the first time they have had the ones that do that and they are just thrilled over their new shoes. It is so funny to watch them walking, running and jumping while trying to watch the lights. They don't even want to take them off when they come into the house, which is normally the first thing they want to do.

After shoe shopping, we went grocery shopping, which took a while because we really needed a lot of groceries. Today was one of those kind of days when I just wanted to ring their little necks many times throughout the day. Whew! I don't like days like that. Tomorrow I am going to get out of the other side of the bed and see if we can't get started off on a different foot.

Don't have much time to write this evening as I have to look up hotels. We are going to spend a few days in Eureka Springs, Arkansas soon...just a short family vacation. The dad has all next week off of work so we are going to do this and maybe do a few other things locally. We also have a whole bunch of things to get done while he is off, such as rent a UHaul and borrow a truck (hopefully) so we can move a piano from my sister's house to our house. I bought this piano a long time ago when I lived in Houston and was single and I took lessons for a short time but then my job began to interfere to much because I had to do some traveling. I ended up moving the piano to my sister's house because my niece was taking piano lessons and I knew she would get a lot of use out of it. I really meant it as a gift but my niece has now gone off to college and they said we could take it back if we wanted it. We have thought it might be good for the boys to take piano lessons for a year or two so we are going to take them up on their offer and bring the piano back to our house. Must go now.


Jana H said...

Dear Lea, I can just imagine the boys saying all those things. I bet it is so cute. I can't wait to see you guys in October. It's going to be a lot of fun. I'll talk to you later.

jeneflower said...

Too funny! What cute boys! That is nice they have each other for companionship.