Saturday, November 05, 2011

November 5, 2011

Well this was a first for me!  I was just sitting here, doing some on-line reading while watching an old episode of Friends.  Suddenly, I heard a low rumbling noise that seemed to get louder and louder and then the house started trembling and then it was really vibrating!  I reached over and woke up the sleeping husband and we were both just shocked.  My heart was really beating fast.

This morning I had read that Oklahoma had had 5 or 6 earthquakes starting around 2:00 am-ish and going until mid-morning.  The biggest one was the first one and it was around a 4.2.  It will be interesting to see how big the one we just had was.  Edited to add that it was a 5.6 earthquake!

What a really strange experience.....not something you really expect in Oklahoma!


MMrussianadoption said...

scary. i never felt one. when i was little and we visited california, my dad said he felt one at night, but the rest of us slept through it. the one the eastern seaboard had over the summer i didn't feel either. lets keep it that way

Jana H said...

So glad it wasn't worse than it was and that everyone is okay. I'm so excited to see you guys. And thank you so much for my birthday card. I'm so sorry I didn't call. Take care and give my love to all.