Tuesday, August 12, 2008

August 12, 2008

Whew! I have been so busy lately that I just never feel like I have any time to sit down and relax, much less update the blog. We have not been doing anything special, just living every day life, but boy has it been busy.

One of my nieces is starting college on Thursday at a university near our house. She went to church with us on Sunday and has been hanging out with us a couple of days. The freshmen move into the dorm earlier for freshmen orientation so she had a couple of free days to hang out with us. We really enjoyed having her here and are happy that she will be so close by. The boys love having her around and I enjoy her company too.

My brother has also been around some, as he has a friend who has been in the hospital in our city. My brother has been hanging out with his friend at the hospital during the days and then staying here at night.

My sister, her two kids and my mom also came and spent the night with us one night recently, which was nice. So we have had a lot of company and the boys have been in heaven having so many people to play with and entertain them.

Speaking of the boys, they have really been getting along nicely lately. I'm not sure if this is just a fluke or if maybe they are hitting an age where they are playing together better or what, but it sure has been nice.

Nick is really turning into quite the little helper around the house these days. He wants to help me do everything from laundry to cooking and putting away dishes and loading the dishwasher. He can really do quite a bit too. I am going to have to start working on Ben though, as he tends to disappear during these times and does not seem to be the type to hang around and want to help as much. They often go through various phases at different times though so I am thinking maybe that is all it is....although he is sometimes less than happy to help out when it is time to pick up toys.

Speaking of picking up toys, the boys are both getting pretty good at doing more and more on their own. We sometimes have a pick-up-toys-time just before nap and then we normally have one just before the dad gets home from work. It is getting to the point where I can tell them it's clean up time and I don't have do spend quite as much time giving them specific instructions.

They talk all the time these days. When we are riding in the car, they normally talk to each other or to me. They were very excited to see the school buses out today, as schools are starting here this week.

We let them watch some of the Olympics the other night and they really enjoyed it. They were pretending to dive into the water. The living room floor was the water.

They are asking to watch more TV these days so we have told them that when they turn three years old they can start watching 30 minutes a day.

Well, it's bedtime and I hear some crying going on so I must sign off. It is also my night to sit with the boys while they fall asleep. We now take our laptop up with us and play songs for them. They love it! And they settle down and go to sleep pretty quickly. Gotta go now.

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