Sunday, August 17, 2008

August 17, 2008 Part 3

The dad took these pictures. The boys are still in their P.J.'s so this must have been in the morning. Not sure where I was at the time but they were having fun.

Pretending to drive a bus.

I have no idea what the attraction is to sitting under the table while eating a snack. They are waiting for me to be ready to go somewhere and, for some reason, this is a popular thing to do these days. If you look closely, you can see that they are holding hands and Nick has his eyes closed and is praying.

Dancer was sitting in this basket and Nick decided that he wanted to sit with him. I was surprised that Dancer hung around for this close-up attention from Nick but I think Dancer really likes Nick most of the time.

This is my nephew, reading to Ben, as Ben is dressed up in his police uniform. They are starting to really get into the dress-up thing now days.

And here is a picture of my sister, with Nick on her back and Ben standing on her legs, as she crawls around the room giving a horse ride. Ben was pulling her pants down and he is quite heavy so I am sure he did not feel too good on her legs. She is quite the trooper:)!

Here is one of our painting sessions. Ben and I were using paint brushes. Nick was using his fingers and paint brushes.

This is the fish I painted this time.

Here are the yummy muffins I made. We ate them while they were still warm, while we were painting. They are chocolate chip, banana walnut muffins:). (must have chocolate!)

Here is Ben, just as his new black eye was starting to emerge. You can still see the bruise on top of his scar too.

One day we just got out a bunch of craft supplies and started gluing and coloring. The boys had fun but I did not have any crafty ideas that we could make. Now I have this book so we will have good projects for a while.

Ben got caught up in the spider web I made:).

And here is the spider.

Unfortunately, none of this was any where near toddler proof so it didn't last very long. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

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MMrussianadoption said...

very cute pictures of the boys. I wish I was that ambitious to do that many crafts with two. I do some markers, crayons, or scissors, but never the gluing and all out crafts stuff.

glad you got good news on the mammogram. just getting caught up with about a million blogs. I am so behind in my reading