Wednesday, February 13, 2008

February 13, 2008

We had our follow up appointment with Ben's surgeon this morning and his face is healing very nicely this time, for which we are very thankful. After the appointment, I took the boys to the mall and let them play in the little kids play area. They had a ball and I enjoyed my time talking with a grandpa who was there with his little grandson. This man had adopted two children when he was younger and it was very interesting to talk to him about their journey.

It has been a while since I have taken the boys to this play area. They have grown and developed so much that this was the first time that I could just sit and watch and did not have to stand nearby and help them or keep them from falling. Also, all of the other children were around the 1 to 3 age range so that also helped. Every time I have taken them in the past, there have been children as old as 5, 6 and 7 playing and there have been so many children that I really had to watch them closely. They did great today and they had a great time.

They were actually ready to leave, when it was time to go, which was a nice change. We had lunch at the food court and then came home. They were so well behaved and we had a great time together. They are such nice little boys, most of the time:).

On Saturday I found a wonderful consignment shop for homeschoolers. I am so excited to have found this store. They have tons and tons of stuff and I am sure I will be a regular visitor in the future. I spent a ton of time just looking at everything and ended up buying a couple of books. I also stopped back by the used bookstore, where I now have a ton of credit from trading in a bunch of books, and found 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' for the boys. I only had to pay seventeen cents for it:). I keep a list of books that I would like to get for the boys with me and every once in a while I stop by the used bookstore and see if they have any of them. This place is absolutely huge and I normally find at least one and usually more than one of the books on my list.

Yesterday the boys were pretending to read books to their bears/Ya Ya's. It was very funny to watch. One of their favorite things to pretend now is that they are pouring and drinking coffee (dad drinks coffee). They pronounce it more like 'cocky'. They also like to pretend they have spilled it and then they pretend to clean it up. This is a fun thing to do in the bathtub these days too. Yesterday I let them take their first bath in our downstairs master bath, which is one of those large, oval, garden spa tubs. They had so much more room and they just had a grand time. I think we will let them use our tub from now on, until they get old enough to take their baths one at a time. Their tub is getting a bit small for the two of them now. It is amazing how much they have grown in just one year.


MMrussianadoption said...

I love when they pretend play. It really shows them using their imaginations.

Jamie said...

I had read Obama was one of the most liberal senators, but those links to specific issues were very interesting. His speeches are said to be inspiring (I'm never inspired by him), but he doesn't really ever have anything substantive to say. Perhaps he's afraid if he does, his extreme liberal views would become more widely known. No doubt McCain will waste little time bringing them to light should Obama be the Democratic nominee. On the other hand, highlighting one senator's liberal record will also highlight the fact that he is the most liberal Republican senator outside New England. Yep, we picked outselves some real winners this year!

On a more pleasant note, your boys are getting so big! They are talking so much more than Landon is. We're still waiting for that 2 1/2 year point that seems to mark the "loosening of the tongue" with our kids!

Lea said...

Hey Jamie, good to hear from you. We need to plan a play date some time.

I am like you; I don't find Obama's speeches inspiring so much as just down right scary. And yes, we definitely picked the most liberal Republican senator but, then again, maybe HE is the one who can bring this country together. We can only hope (and pray:).