Tuesday, January 22, 2008

January 22, 2008

I just put the boys down for their nap and, in doing so, experienced a reality check that I am living on borrowed time. Nick has been climbing up on his crib for a while now, trying to get in on his own. Today, after I put him in his crib and was rubbing Ben's back, I turned around to Nick saying "mommy, down", while trying to get his foot over the side of the crib. I stopped him before he really had a chance to see if he could do it, telling him that he couldn't get down because it was nap time, but I have a feeling if he really tried, he may be able to do it....if not, he is very very close. Bummer. I was hoping that we could keep them in their cribs for another 6 or 8 months. I guess we'll see. I have a feeling that, one of these days soon, we may wake up to find him in our room with us.

Ben is very close to being able to sing the alphabet song. He sings part of it and he pretty much learned it from the Leap Frog alphabet game thingy that we have on the fridge. He loves that thing. They both do but Ben plays with it more often, as well as the alphabet and number puzzles. The puzzles have also been a big factor with Ben learning the alphabet and numbers.

I went to Tuesday Morning yesterday in search for more difficult puzzles because they can work most of their puzzles fairly easily. Tuesday Morning had lots of Melissa & Doug puzzles for $5 each. I got these:

I love the hands puzzle (shown with and without pieces). I had never seen one of those before. I also got one of these large floor puzzles and some small jigsaw-type puzzles

I found these puzzles on the internet when I was shopping for Christmas presents for the boys. I thought they were full size puzzles and was disappointed when they arrived and I saw how small they were. After thinking about it for a little while, I decided they were actually quite cute and were great stocking stuffers so I kept them. The boys really liked them so I am glad I decided to keep them.

This is a puzzle that I had gotten at Tuesday Morning just before Christmas. I thought it was a little unusual and really thought it would take the boys quite a while to be able to do it. They are already getting pretty good at it, although they still need a little help.

I was cleaning up after lunch the other day and looked up to see this:

Isn't that sweet?

Here is a funny picture of Ben. He was half fireman and half cowboy and his fireman hat was on backwards. I cracked up when he walked in like this while I was fixing a meal. Can you tell that I keep the camera handy?

And here are two (not very good) family pictures of us. They were an after thought, in case you couldn't tell. I could not find the document that described the pictures we were to include in our post placement report but I was thinking that we needed one with all of us in it together. So, on our way out of the house to go to church last week, I grabbed the camera and then we asked someone in the children's department to snap our picture real quick. Next time, I will have to plan ahead a little.

We ended up staying in most of the weekend, nursing colds and resting (as much as possible, with two two-year-olds running around:), so not much new to report around here lately. It has been very very cold and yesterday it also drizzled. The dad was off work yesterday so we had a three day weekend, which was nice. The boys have been wanting to go outside and play though and, with colds and the very cold weather, I have not wanted them to. I am going to either have to wrap them up and let them go out or take them somewhere to let them play. They are starting to get restless.

Ben was scheduled for his repeat surgery on Thursday but it has been moved out one week, as his surgeon had an out of state emergency.


Lauri said...

I am a huge fan of Melissa & doug toys & puzzles... they have lacing beads that are great as well

The boys are getting big

kate said...

i think the family pix look great!

MMrussianadoption said...

Kevin loves puzzles. the harder the better.

Kids Special Needs said...

Such lovely photos of your beautiful family ;o)

Hugs, Esther