Wednesday, January 22, 2014

January 22, 2014

The day got off to a cold start.  The boys waited outside in 16 degree windy weather for the bus to come for about 15 or 20 minutes and it never showed up.  Nick went from being upset with me that I would not let him go outside earlier to coming in-out, in-out, trying to keep warm.  We finally gave up and the dad took the boys to the school, which is about a 5 minute drive from our house.  They were disappointed because they were really excited about riding the big yellow school bus.

I had a short list of things I wanted to get done while they were at school.  I started off by doing some cleaning and then took a shower.  By the time I had finished getting ready for the day, my cold was hitting me hard and all I wanted to do was rest, which I did for the rest of the day:).

The boys came home on the bus.  School lets out at 3:30 and they were suppose to arrive home around 3:40.  It was well after 4:00 when they showed up but I was not surprised because I had called after they left for school with the dad and I found out there was a substitute bus driver so I suppose he didn't know the routine or something.  Anyway, I had just-out-of-the-oven cookies waiting for them when they arrived.  We sat at the kitchen island eating hot cookies and they told me about their day. 

They both had a good day.  Nick got to have P.E. and I think Ben had music but he didn't mention that so not entirely sure.  They enjoyed their lunch and they get to go to lunch together, even though they are in separate classes.  I heard snippets and bits about different parts of their day but did not really get a full picture (what did you do first, and then what?)  They would have been too impatient to do the question and answer thing so I just listened as they spilled out what they remembered.

Nick was not happy about his teacher keeping all of the boys in for recess because one boy kept talking and interrupting her during class.  I agree that I don't think that is fair and I'm not sure what she hopes to accomplish by punishing all boys for one boy's wrong doings.  When I was young, if they did this, they might have hoped the other children would say something the one who was not behaving and kind of get him in line.  Today, that would be considered bullying so I am not sure what she was hoping to accomplish with that one.

Ben was not happy that, while he was eating his afternoon snack (they are allowed to bring something for afternoon snack in their classroom) other kids kept asking him to give it to them.  He did not like that at all.

Nick also said he asked his teacher what time it was at one point during the day and he did not like that she asked him, somewhat increduously, if he did not know how to tell time.  He does know to tell time but I guess the clock did not have numbers on it or something....something was different about the clock that threw him off.

Other than those small negative points, they both seemed to have had a good day.  They played for a while and then we ate dinner and then it was time to do some homework.  They were NOT at all happy about having to do the homework, even though we had talked about this being a requirement many many times.  They both were whining and throwing quite the fit (Nick's is always worse and longer though).  Ben got with it and got his done quickly.  Nick took longer and had to wad up his paper and complain and complain instead of writing his spelling words.  He finally got with it and then it didn't take very long.  Just like with home school, it takes him longer to finish fit-throwing and start working.

After home work, all was right with the world again and they played happily until bedtime.

I am wondering how long it will take for the honeymoon to wear off.  Anyone want to guess?  I was thinking 2 to 3 weeks but it may take longer.  I suspect it will take longer for Nick than it will for Ben.  Ben still has very mixed feelings about going to school.

We shall see but I will definitely document this journey, for them and for me.  I am going to start a Bible study for myself and I have started working through The Well Educated Mind.  As soon as I can get to the used bookstore, I am going to purchase Don Quixote and start reading.  I missed out on pretty much all of the classics when I was in school so I am going to do some self-educating during this time I have to myself.  I am also going to try to plant a garden this spring and I might do some painting in our house but I'm not sure about that one...we'll see if I have the energy for that after I get over this cold.

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