Saturday, November 10, 2012

November 10, 2012

I thought I would post some pictures of our history timeline for others to see.  I put this on the wall in our hallway with painter's tape and a level. I modeled it after another I had seen somewhere that is available for purchase and I used their dimensions and time increments.

In retrospect, I should have made it longer and wider and I wish I had broken the time increments down further for our ancients study.  I used timeline figures from Home School in the Woods so maybe their figures are larger than the ones for the kit after which I modeled my timeline.  Anyway, here it is:



Jana H said...

Hello!!! I know it's been forever and too long. I love the timeline. That is such a cool idea. I'm sure the boys love it too. I miss you guys, and I can't wait to see you next week. I hope you're all doing well. P.S. I did update my blog. My mom said you said I needed to do that. :) Give everyone my love. See you soon.

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