Saturday, March 26, 2011

March 26, 2011

Lately I am enjoying listening to the boys while they are playing, pretending and talking to themselves. It is so cute. As I type, Nick is playing alone with playdough and just talking away to himself. It is adorable and I wish I could just capture this moment in time and get to watch/listen to it again when he is older. Unfortunately, at this age we can no longer sneak up on them with a video camera and tape them without them knowing. I just heard Nick singing (he has a very high voice) and then stop and say "mom, it's no time for singing".

Ben is also playing right now and talking to himself as he plays, although I cannot hear him so well. He is playing with Batman and Joker and the Joker's hideout, which the boys recently bought after saving the money they earned from violin lessons and practicing. They were so proud of themselves for saving up for it.

One of my nieces just came for a short visit and we really enjoyed having her here. She played lots and lots of games with the boys, which they love, so they had a really fun time.

The house is coming along quite nicely. We are still on track for moving in mid-April. There is a lot of work going on right now. They are laying tile in the bathrooms and still have to finish the backsplash tile in the kitchen and laundry room. They are finishing up all of the painting work on the outside and are laying the stone for the headwalls at the entrance of the driveway, which are required in our neighborhood. They still have to lay the stone in the living room around the fireplace and the columns. In the middle of next week they are going to start sanding and finishing the floors so we won't be able to go in from Wednesday through the weekend. They will also be grading the yard and getting it ready for the sprinkler system and landscaping.

I had mentioned in the past that our new neighborhood has lots of boys. They were having spring break last week and we saw that some of the neighbor boys just behind us had put up tents so they could camp out in their backyard. The next day when I was at the house I notice one of the windows in the back of the house had a b-b-hole in it. The b-b broke through the outer pane of glass and hit the inner pane, cracking it, and it was laying inside of the window between the panes of glass. Our builder said he would talk to one of their parents to alert them to the b-b-gun activity.  The neighbors behind us and their sons are very nice people though and boys will be boys:). I'm sure when the parents hear what happened they will discuss it with their sons and try to prevent it from happening again. I'm actually more concerned about one of my sons or pets being shot than I am about the house or windows.

Just a short update today as it is lunch time and I need to feed the little guys. Hope you are having a great weekend. We are all doing great here, although we are still undecided about which church to join, which bugs me. I want to be settled. I will be praying about this though and hopefully we can make a decision soon. Happy weekend!


Jana H said...

Lea, I had a great time coming to visit you, Paul, and the boys. I always enjoy those little visits. Hopefully, I'll get to see the house when I come home for Easter. Hope to see you then.

Love to all,

Lea said...

We enjoyed your visit so much Jana. The boys love all the attention and playing all the games (as you could tell:). I'm glad we had time to visit and catch up a bit. Hopefully we will be in the house the next time you are here. Looking forward to your next visit.
Love you!