Sunday, February 13, 2011

February 13, 2011

Today we went to church and then out to lunch. We had been home for a few minutes. Nick was coloring at the art table. I was puttering around in the kitchen and getting ready to go sit down and rest for a few minutes with a book. Ben said to me he was ready to do some more school, which meant that he wanted to work on writing his letters again. He is very into this lately. I told him I was getting ready to sit down and rest for a bit. He said, "Nobody wants to do what I want" and I said "yes, I guess that's true". He looked at me surprised and said "you sound like you think that's OK". I can't remember exactly how I responded to that but it was just so cute, I had to write it down.

We are having beautiful weather here now and will have this week. It is 56 degrees and very sunny right now and it is suppose to get up into the 60's and 70's all week, I believe. I'm loving it. It is such a nice change after back-to-back snow storms.

I was up at the new house on Friday. The painters have started caulking and filling in nail holes and stuff, preparing to stain the cabinets and paint the trim. The trim guys are still working on trim. I didn't ask but I'm sure they probably have several more days worth of work, if not a full week. He was in the process of putting trim around the large windows and french doors in the living room. He is also working putting the wood treads and risers on the stairs and putting up the rails, which is nice. I will be glad when the rails are up. It has made me nervous having these big areas where someone could fall and hurt themselves badly and I have to watch the boys like a hawk when they are there, although they are pretty careful about it.

I am anxious to see the kitchen cabinets but they are holding off on those until last because they have their big saws set up in the living room / kitchen / dining areas and they need some room to get around with these long pieces of trim. Hopefully they will have them in by the end of this week. I am so ready for this to be done. With the bad weather we received, we know we have definitely moved out to April for our finish and move in date. I am hopeful it will be early April but who knows at this point. I need to call our builder tomorrow and discuss where we are, how much we have left and deadlines for remaining items we have to pick out.

We have ramped up our reading around here lately. It seemed that the boys had gotten to where they were so busy playing, they were not into having us read to them as often. I had not been getting as many books at the library and the used bookstore because we have so many that we have not read yet. I started getting a few here and there and now the boys are very into it again. We just finished listening to The Trumpet of the Swan in the car and we just finished reading the second book about Ralph and his motorcycle by Beverly Clearly. We all really enjoyed those two books and we have one more to go. We listened to the first one in the car and then I realized I had all three of them in my stash. I keep a stash of good books that I want to read with the boys but then I forget about them at times, as some of them are still a bit above their level. Many of them are not though now so we have some fun books ahead of us.

Well, time to get some things done around here. Have a wonderful Sunday!


kate said...

I love his comment. Oh, how sad it is to realize the world doesn't always conspire to give you what you want immediately. ;>

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