Monday, September 20, 2010

September 20, 2010

The boys and I recently listened to Little House in the Big Woods on CD and we are just at the end of the last chapter of Little House on the Prairie now. Lately the boys have started pretending about this a lot and it is so funny. I was just sitting here eating my lunch (the boys have already finished and gone off to play) and I overheard one of them saying "Ma?" to the other one. So they are "pretending Ma and Pa"; this is what they tell me when I ask what they are doing.

This morning, they came downstairs and Nick was carrying a teddy bear and a stuffed frog and he was telling Ben that they were Mary and Laura. Ben walked by carrying a stuffed duck that was wearing a pull up and he said, "this is Baby Carrie, the duck".

Now it sounds like they are pretending they are hunting.

I recently checked out a DVD of the old TV show Little House on the Prairie because I thought they would get a kick out of seeing all of the characters in action. One day last week, it was Ben's turn to pick their movie and he was tired of watching it so he picked something else. Nick was very disappointed because he wanted "to see what Mary and Laura and Baby Carrie were doing". So I let them watch one episode of Little House on the Prairie after they watched the movie that Ben picked (David and Goliath). After the movies were over, Ben looked at me, smiled and said, "I don't which one to pretend first".

Funny funny boys!

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Jana H said...

Lea, you need to tell my mom you are letting the boys listen to those tapes. We have like a whole box set of Little House on the Prairie movies at my house. I don't know if they'd be ready for them, but they could at least watch little snippets of them. Just a thought because we don't watch them anymore.