Thursday, August 05, 2010

August 5, 2010

It has been a long time since I have posted any pictures and the boys have really grown. These are from this afternoon at soccer practice.

Below is Ben. Hasn't he grown? His hair is longer than ever, I think. Funny enough, I am really liking both of the boys with longer-ish hair right now, although I think the dad is planning to cut it this weekend.

Cousin Jana got the boys these cricket jerserys when she was in India recently for a mission trip sponsored by her university. It was good timing because they have worked out perfectly for soccer.
Below is Nick. He was not very interested in posing for me so I just took some action shots of him. This kid is an enigma. He is all action and movement or he is all sit and read/color/play with legos, etc. He is all happy-go-lucky or he is all angry/fit-throwing/yelling (reminds me of what they said about Tinkerbell in Peter Pan, which we listen to often when driving in the car). His behavior seems to indicate that he has struggled with adjusting to the upheaval of the move, although I think we may be leveling out now. He really needs a lot of consistency and routine or at least lots of notice when our schedule is going to change. Last minute changes, unless they are exciting and fun, are difficult for him. I am learning and we are working on it and I think we are making good progress.
He loves loves loves anything to do with sports.
Nick had stopped long enough for me to take a quick picture. As soon as Ben saw this, he stepped into the picture also. Just as I was snapping the picture, Nick started to put his arm around Ben. How sweet is that? They are the best of friends. They play together for long periods of time and then, at times, they also purposely irritate each other (and me) for long periods of time. But, they are definitely the best of buds.

This is a start; more to come....

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MMrussianadoption said...

i really havent read blogs in awhile, but i cant believe how mature your boys are looking. i agree, i like their hair longer. btw, i thought it was meniers disease too when you mentioned it. also, we have been hit by the hot weather on the east coast too. ridiculous. best money we ever spent was on our kiddy pool. if we are not inside, we are in the pool