Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June 30, 2010

We sold our house! Yay!  Our closing date is at the end of July so we have one month to find a rental house and move out... AND start ground breaking on our new house (ideally we would like to start as soon as possible after we close). Yikes! It is going to be a busy month

So, that's our big summer news. In other day-to-day news, the boys are doing great and growing like little weeds. I think Ben must be going through a major growth spurt because he is really clumsy right now. He fell down while we were out walking yesterday evening and skinned his hip and elbow. Poor little fellow. Nick's behavior has definitely improved, although I have seen bits of the more volatile behavior during the past week, when we were very busy making suggested changes to the house. He has a hard time dealing with this type of activity but, hopefully, we are learning how to help him get through these times a bit easier. He is such a fun, happy child. It makes me sad to see him start acting out, while knowing it is due to the changes and chaos going on around him. Yesterday we just stayed home, relaxed, played, teased, tickled, cuddled and had a fun day and he was his old self again and he is doing well today too so I know that helped. Now that I am aware of the pattern, I think we can take steps to help him through the majority of the upcoming major changes.

The dad has been taking one of them with him when he runs errands. I find it interesting that, most of the time, it is Ben who wants to go and Nick who wants to stay home with me. Nick has always been a real daddy's boy and Ben tends to be a bit more of a mommy's boy right now, so this has surprised me.

A week or two ago, the dear husband and I split up and each of us took one child out for breakfast. He took Nick to IHOP and I took Ben to The Village Inn. The waitress was talking to Ben (he is such a non-stop talker these days) and she asked him how old he was. He said "I'm four and she (pointing to me) is 47. Half the time he has told whoever he meets everyone's age, that he and Nick are not twins but are brothers, are adopted, from Russia, etc. within the first 3 minutes of meeting them. People really get a kick out of him.

Must go now. Sorry I have not posted any pictures in a while. I will try to do that soon.

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