Monday, December 10, 2007

December 10, 2007

Ice ice everywhere! Everything is covered in ice and it is very pretty. Fortunately, we still have power, although there are around 80-some thousand without it in our city right now.

My husband recently left for work and just called to let me know how it was going. He said the streets were not very icy, most likely because the ground is still somewhat warmer than the air. The temp here is in the high 20's now. However, he is seeing many major intersections where the lights are either completely out or they are blinking red. Fortunately, there is not much traffic out.

We stayed in all day yesterday because it looked pretty bad. The boys and I will likely stay in all day today also. I might dress them up warmly and let them play outside for a little while. I think they would probably enjoy it, for a short time anyway. We'll see.

I have been spending a good deal of time on coming up with a more intentional plan for homeschooling preschoolers. I found a good website that has a free preschool curriculum and I am modifying it a bit. It includes introducing a number, shape/color, letter, vocab word and theme to the children each week. Each day of the week you introduce one new thing and it stays up on "My Learning Poster" for a week. So the poster has each of these things on it and you change out each one on a different day of the week.

I am keeping the number, shape, color and letter but am working on exchanging the theme and vocab word with a Bible verse and character trait. We cover vocab words and theme's in our everyday life and all the reading we do and I think the Bible verse and character trait is more important at this point. I have everything ready except the character trait and Bible verse part and I am working on gathering those. I have also been gathering some reading lists for preschoolers and I went to a local used bookstore on Saturday and bought some of the books. They didn't have as many of them as I had hoped they would but I did get four books for seven dollars, which was not bad. There are a couple of books that recommend good books that I want to get but they did not have them at this used store, which was not surprising. I will likely purchase those from Amazon and then keep checking back at the used bookstore for the children's books that I want.

Hopefully I will have everything that I need by the end of the year and can start a more intentional preschool approach in January. I plan on doing little bits here and there throughout the day and making it casual, fun and game-like and not so much sit down, school-like.

Yesterday I was playing a matching-card game with the boys and they really enjoyed it and did very well with it. They kept saying "again" every time we finished but then they would be less and less engaged with each game so we finally stopped, much to their dismay. That's a funny thing about two year olds, I guess. They don't want to stop doing something fun, even if they are no longer really interested in it or paying any attention to it.

Well, the husband just called again. He made it safely to work with no issues but there is no electricity there so he is now headed back home. His boss was there at the same time, discovering the same situation. He gets an A for effort but it will be nice to have him home again today.

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