Saturday, December 01, 2007

December 1, 2007

So, we left the boys last night at the church where my MOPS group meets, as they were having a "kid's night out" from 6:30 to 9:30 so that parents could go Christmas shopping or just out to dinner or something. We went to dinner with some friends, who also left their two boys there.

We had all agreed that we wanted to get back as early as possible, since our children normally go to bed around 8:00. We didn't realize that we would have such a hard time finding a place to eat where we did not have to wait an hour to be seated, so that was an issue. It was very frustrating.

When we first moved here, we were surprised to find this out about our new little city....that if you want to go to a decent place for dinner on Friday or Saturday night, you will have to wait for an hour or more to be seated. My husband and I started going out earlier or, mostly (especially after the boys came home), quit going out altogether. We had kind of forgotten about this when we went to dinner last night. Even if we had remember it, we probably would not have thought it would be an issue, since we were having dinner in a neighboring, smaller city. Who would have guessed that they have the same issue that our city has?

We ended up waiting for 30 minutes at the third place that we tried. The first place had an hour wait; the second place had a 50 minute wait. By the time we waited the 30 minutes (closer to 40 probably), we might have been seated at one of the first two places. Oh well.

We ended up having a nice dinner and really enjoyed visiting with our friends. That was nice.

Unfortunately, it was just before 9:30 when we picked up the boys, which was not so nice. Actually, they seemed tired but, other than that, they were fine. They weren't crying or throwing fits or anything. We all went straight to bed when we got home (it was past my bedtime too:).

But today?! Today was another story altogether. I woke up just before 8:00am, which was nice. That's the first time I have slept past 4:45am in a while and it felt good and was much needed. The boys woke up around 8:30 and were little cranky pants from the moment they got out of their cribs. I took them to the grocery store and they did OK but, for the most part, they were whining and crying about something for the majority of the time they were awake this morning. We put them down early for their nap and they were both screaming and crying by then and did not even want us to rub backs or comfort them. Nick settled down quickly, after we left the room, but Ben continued to cry so we went back in to rub backs and talk softly and they both went to sleep quickly after that. I am hoping they take a very long nap and wake up in a better mood.

I definitely prefer the baby sitter method better, where she comes to our house to play with the boys and we go out for an early date and are home in time to play with them for a bit and then follow our normal routine to put them to bed that night. It was much easier for all of us.

I feel very bad when the boys have not had enough sleep because of a decision I have made and then they are in a horrible mood and are misbehaving much more than normal. I know if we stay on their routine and they get the sleep they need, they are much happier kids and I feel that it's really not fair to them when we do something like we did last night. I don't think we will be doing that again anytime soon.

In other news, I took the boys to the library for the first time on Friday. I made a big mistake though. I didn't spend enough time explaining to them how to behave in a library. Nick was bouncing off of the walls, acting more as if he were at the park part of the time. Both boys were pulling books out and looking at them for two seconds before pulling out more. It was not a good situation and we didn't stay long. It's really the first time I have taken them anywhere and felt they were somewhat out of control.  They are normally in a cart or their stroller when we are in stores so perhaps they were simply excited about their freedom in a new child-friendly place.. We will have to work on that.

We have tons of books at our house, many of which they have not even read yet. My sister kept a bunch of children's books from her two kids and gave them to us so we have not been lacking in the book department, thankfully. This is why we have not gone to the library before now. I may wait until the boys are closer to 2.5 years of age before trying it again. They change so quickly and understand so much more in just a few months, at this age.

We are planning to go buy our Christmas tree this afternoon, after the boys wake up. I am looking forward to putting up the tree with them. Although it will be more challenging, I want them to have the experience of getting to help decorate. I sure hope they are in a better mood by then though:).


musicmommy3 said...

RELAX! You are a wonderful Mommy who is concerned about your boys.

"I feel that it's really not fair to them when we do something like we did last night"

Maybe you learned it wasn't a good idea to do things that way but DON'T beat yourself up for it. Just realize that motherhood is a learning experince and don't feel badly about making a decision that was difficult for the family. It was a learning experience and now you know what you guys don't want to do for awhile. :):)

No parents do everything perfectly. We all blunder about now and then. The important things are to pray, concentrate on your heart and your children's hearts, and HAVE FUN! It's a process...a journey...
You're a normal first time mom. All of us go through that phase but you cannot spend time feeling guilty about the learning times. It's just wasted time better spent rethinking new plans.
I know I sound like I'm scolding you. Sorry, I'm really not. Just picture me saying all of this lovingly and passionately.

Have a great rest of the weekend.


kate said...

maybe you can take them one at a time to the library for the next couple of visits and then go back to both together.

don't worry.

and you're right--a wise friend told me the greatest gift she could give her children was sleep. she said it let them present their best selves to the world and made them more successful at everything. i've held on to that one...

enjoy your boys!!

Esther said...

Ya know, the babysitting thing killed us too. It was a mess when the babysitter put kids to bed. And we went thru this with several babysitters. I'm not sure if it was disconcerting for the child(ren) to go to bed without us home, or if their routine wasn't really done, or what. Then we were punished with the kids bad behavior the next day. ARGH!

We choose to go out very little. It's a season in our life. This too shall pass.

Our oldest son is now 12, so we've left him alone with his brothers a few times. Not often, as three boys may kill each other. He is taking a Red Cross babysitting class this weekend (2 day) and includes CPR. Hopefully this will give him a good idea of what is entailed with babysitting. I've never left the girls with a babysitter yet.

And I had to laugh about the toys in the tree. Too funny!