Tuesday, November 13, 2007

November 13, 2007

Yes, I have started my Christmas shopping! I have hopes of being finished very early this year. Fortunately for me, the boys are so young this year, I can shop with them and even get things for them and they don't understand or remember. The things I bought for them yesterday went into the trunk of the car and they forgot all about them.

The dad already picked up the huge Tonka dump trucks for them, one for each child. They love trucks, especially big trucks, so I think those will be a big hit.

Yesterday we went to Toys-R-Us, as I had planned to get each of the boys two dress up outfits. I had planned to get them the police officer, fire fighter and two other ones but now I can't remember which ones. I think one might have been the train engineer but I can't remember the other one. Of course, it didn't really matter because they didn't even have most of them anyway. They had the police officer, so I went ahead and got that one. They also had the train engineer but I couldn't remember if that was one of the ones I wanted or not and, since I will have to look on-line anyway, I decided to wait and see what they have available.

I got two stick horses:). I had a stick horse when I was a kid and I loved it. I am going to try to find a couple of cowboy hats for kids but I want the inexpensive, play kind rather than the expensive real ones. Toys-R-Us and Walmart did not carry them.

I got two packs of Match Box cars that have very interesting vehicles, such as a dump truck, those roller things that are used to lay down new asphalt, a fork lift, a bulldozer and a bunch of others. I also got some finger paints but I will need to get a good plastic table cloth or something to put down on the floor for this. I still need to get a couple of pads of paper for finger painting.

I am going to get a couple of new children's music CD's from the Christian bookstore. They love music and I am getting tired of the ones we have. We especially need some new music for them for the car, as I am very tired of the Old McDonald, Wheels on the Bus, Skip to My Lou and other songs that are on the one CD that we end up listening to over and over in the car.

I have a few other things on my list but they are mostly smaller gifts. The big gifts for the boys this year are the dump trucks and dress up clothes. The dress up clothes are really for 3 years old and up but I have been getting a few toys for this age group, since their birthdays and Christmas all fall close together. I want to have some things that they are not going to grow out of too early in the year.

I had battery operated toothbrushes on my list but decided to go ahead and use them, rather than making them Christmas presents. We have a hard time with Nick, when it comes to brushing teeth. He makes such a big deal of not wanting to do it. It's strange because he acts like he wants to, when we are on our way up the stairs. Anyway, I thought the new toothbrushes might help and I think they do. It definitely makes it easier for us and they find them interesting. To date, we have only been brushing their teeth at night but I bought two sets of toothbrushes so I could keep one set downstairs so we can start brushing their teeth after breakfast too.

Our sons have still not figured out the time change thing. They are still waking up about 30 minutes to an hour early and then they are taking a longer nap these days. At least they seem to be getting the sleep they need though.

I forgot to mention that we were not able to go to church this weekend. The boys and I all ended up running fevers for about 3 days. I think we are all over it now but Sunday was my worse day and I think yesterday or Sunday was Nick's worse day. Ben got it first so he's a day or so ahead of Nick and me. I believe Ben probably caught this at MOPS. The good news is that they are not getting sick as often these days. Before they got sick this time, I was thinking it had been quite a while since they had gotten sick from the church nursery. I am hopeful that they will do better at resisting illnesses this winter.

Believe it or not, we have been wearing shorts again for the past couple of days. It has been unseasonably warm here lately. The bad news is that we are having issues with our downstairs air conditioner again. Actually, it seems that the issue may be with the breaker box but we are not sure. My husband replaced the breaker last night and it didn't fix the problem. So, I am thinking that I need to call someone about this today but I'm really not sure who to call. Fortunately it was a cloudy day here yesterday. Even so, it got up to about 75 degrees in here. Right now it looks like it is going to be another cloudy day today but you never know.

The other thing that we recently noticed is that our friendly wood pecker is back and has punched another whole in the stucco-like material on our chimney, in one of the same places where we had it repaired a few months back. I have a feeling we are going to have a constant battle with the wood peckers the whole time we live in this house.

Today, we are just going to hang out at home and relax. I love days like that.

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jeneflower said...

Wow look at you, already doing your Christmas shopping! I need to follow your example.