Wednesday, October 10, 2007

October 10, 2007

I'm rushing around this morning because we are headed to the pumpkin patch soon. I have been wanting to post and have a million things to post about, including lots of pictures, but have not had a lot of time since we returned from our trip. I have been jotting down some cute/funny stories about the boys that I want to share when I have more time.

Here's a quick update on two key things going on right now.

- We took Ben to the plastic surgeon on Monday and it looks like everyone agrees that the mole on his face should be removed. The surgeon said he could do it as soon as Thursday (tomorrow) but we could not do it that soon. My husband is already scheduled to see patients that day and we need to schedule something with my sister so she can take care of Nick while we are at the hospital with Ben. It looks like it is probably going to be November 1st. It is a very simple procedure. The surgeon said the actual surgery will only take about 10 or 12 minutes. They will give him gas to put him out and then they will insert the IV and intubate him, etc. His will be the first surgery of the day, since he will have to go without food and drink, which is not easy for a child this young.

- My mom is in the hospital. She had her last chemo treatment on Tuesday, followed by the shot on Thursday. This is the shot that is suppose to keep her white blood cell count from dropping. As usual, her blood pressure has been very low but this time it is even lower than it has been, to the point that it did not register on the monitor when they took it at the hospital the other day. My sister took mom to the doctor on Monday and they gave her some fluids. She felt better but then when she woke up on Tuesday she was not feeling well again so my sister took her to the ER. Her blood pressure is very low, her white blood cell count is extremely low, which is very concerning, her potassium level is way too low, as is her hemoglobin level. She will most likely be there for several days. My sister is an RN and used to work at this hospital, which is good. She is also extremely protective of those she loves, when it comes to this type of situation so I know mom will be very well taken care of. Mom has also decided that she will not take the radiation treatment. She has had enough and she has heard too many horror stories of those who have taken the treatment for breast cancer and how they have been burned so badly that they ended up having serious issues for the rest of their life.

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